There are thousands of riding roads, and safety helmets are the first! Civilized transportation starts from the “head”!

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Recently, the traffic police brigade of Zhuxi County Public Security Bureau launched a special action to prevent traffic accidents in summer.

Take the combination of fixed-point and non fixed-point, fixed-time and irregular, urban and rural roads, education and persuasion, on-site punishment and other ways to criticize, educate, persuade and correct those who ride motorcycles and electric vehicles without safety helmets, and participate in education and training.

Up to now, the rate of standardized helmet wearing has increased significantly.

Combination of fixed-point and non fixed-point ↑↑↑ combination of fixed-time and non fixed-time ↑↑↑ combination of urban and rural roads ↑↑↑ combination of education and persuasion and on-site punishment ↑↑↑ wear helmets to travel safely, civilized traffic starts from “head” and “forget, don’t wear!” “It’s too hot to wear!” “The hair style will be messy, and I didn’t wear it!” “Please, I’m only one block away without wearing it!” Safety helmet = life helmet riding electric motorcycle in the event of a traffic accident, it is the greatest guarantee for drivers and passengers, and it is also the last barrier to prevent personal injury.

After the extensive publicity of the traffic police uncle, everyone has this awareness, riding on the road and wearing helmets one after another.


Some people still don’t wear helmets on the grounds that their personal image is damaged and the weather is too hot.

Some car owners even see the traffic police on duty in front of them slapping their heads perfunctorily He took it off at the intersection, and even some friends turned around and ran, regardless of their own and other people’s lives.

Therefore, Shu felt it was necessary to emphasize that when riding motorcycles and electric vehicles, it was necessary to wear safety helmets correctly.

However, there are still some people who do not wear helmets when riding motorcycles and electric vehicles, or “wear” instead of “wear”, so that helmets become furnishings.

How important is it to wear a helmet? Let’s take a look at the following cases of fatal accidents caused by not wearing helmets.

Wearing helmets only for scalp abrasions and not wearing safety helmets.

In contrast, when an accident occurs, helmets can absorb most of the impact force and play a protective role of cushioning and shock absorption, reducing the proportion of injured people by 70% and the death rate by 40%.

The head injury rate without helmet is 2.5 times that of wearing helmet, and the fatal injury rate without helmet is 1.5 times that of wearing helmet.

For motorcycle and electric vehicle drivers, helmet is equivalent to the safety belt worn by car drivers and passengers, and it is the last line of defense for riders when they encounter danger.

In daily life, some people don’t wear helmets, and some riders wear helmets but don’t fasten the ropes.

As a result, the helmet flies out at the moment of an accident, causing serious head injury! So, how to wear safety helmets correctly? Small helmets play a great role in ensuring life at critical moments.

Remember to wear safety helmets correctly when driving motorcycles or electric vehicles.

Don’t let helmets become furnishings.

Tips: in order to build a strong traffic safety defense line, appeal to the employees of organs, enterprises and institutions to play an exemplary role and wear safety helmets when riding electric motorcycles.

In particular, parents are urged to set an example and wear safety helmets for themselves and their children when riding electric motorcycles to ensure safe travel.

Safety is no trivial matter.

We should pay attention to it every day.

Let’s develop good safety habits together, wear safety helmets correctly, and work together to create a harmonious and livable civilized city where people are satisfied.

It is illegal to drive electric vehicles and motorcycles without helmets.

Article 51 of the road traffic safety law of the people’s Republic of China clearly stipulates that when driving motor vehicles, drivers and passengers should use safety belts as required, Motorcycle drivers and passengers shall wear safety helmets as required.

In order to further improve the safety protection level of motorcycles, electric bicycle riders and car drivers, and reduce the consequences of traffic accidents, the notice on carrying out the “one helmet and one belt” safety guard action is in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of public security, the provincial public security department and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and in accordance with the road traffic safety law of the people’s Republic of China, the road traffic safety regulations of Hubei Province, and the relevant provisions on the creation of urban civilization, The traffic police brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Zhuxi County decided to carry out the “one helmet and one belt” safety guard action throughout the county from May 27, 2022.

The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1.

Key points of rectification (1) car drivers and passengers fail to use safety belts as required; (2) Motorcycle drivers and passengers fail to wear safety helmets as required; (3) Electric bicycle drivers and passengers do not wear safety helmets and there are hidden dangers of traffic safety.

2、 The renovation covers national, provincial and county roads, township and village roads and urban roads in the county.

3、 Rectification measures (I) since May 27, our county, the whole province and the whole city have carried out the special rectification action of “one helmet and one belt”, which will investigate and deal with the traffic violations of car drivers and passengers who fail to use safety belts as required, motorcycle drivers and passengers who fail to wear safety helmets as required by law through on-site inspection and correction and electronic monitoring and evidence collection.

(2) For electric bicycle drivers and passengers who do not wear safety helmets and have hidden dangers of traffic safety, the traffic police on duty will advise, educate and correct them to eliminate the hidden dangers of traffic accidents that may cause casualties.

(3) Drivers and riders involved in rental, passenger shuttle bus, school bus, express delivery, takeout and other industries will be copied to the enterprise and the competent department of the industry at the same time; For enterprises with frequent traffic violations, it will be suggested that the competent departments should adopt the methods of interview, knocking on the door, exposure, punishment according to law or suspension of business for rectification to supervise and urge the implementation of the main responsibility for work safety.

(4) Those who disobey the management and hinder the execution of the law will be dealt with strictly according to law, and those who constitute a crime will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Please actively cooperate with all traffic participants, strictly abide by traffic regulations, standardize the wearing of safety helmets and safety belts, consciously abandon bad traffic habits, and achieve civilized driving and safe travel.

This is to inform the traffic police brigade of Zhuxi County Public Security Bureau on May 26, 2022-.