The seventh anniversary of hard rock riding – the mountain cross-country race on the ancient tea horse road in Sarang

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On May 28, 2022, the seventh anniversary of the hard rock cycling group was celebrated.

The mountain bike cross-country race along the ancient tea horse road was successfully held in the beautiful Shalang Bai Township, Xizhu street, Kunming city.

A total of 110 riders participated in the seventh anniversary celebration.

60 riders (40 in the men’s group and 20 in the women’s group) participated in the competition, and the listing ceremony of the riding post station named “hard rock riding” in Sanyi liquor, Shalang cultural innovation park and Zhenfeng manor was held.

Official report from Xizhu street, Wuhua District, Kunming: Sanyi liquor, the starting and ending point of this event, is also the sponsor of this event.

Sign in, scan the health code, issue number cards, and insert small flags.

Go to Shalang and prepare for the starting point of the competition.

Shalang slope, the entrance of the ancient Shalang tea and horse road, used to be the only way for Shalang to Kunming.

There is a well preserved ancient post road on the Shalang slope, which is 2.2 kilometers long and 2 meters wide at the widest point.

The whole ancient post road is well preserved.

In 2012, it was listed as a district level cultural relics protection unit in Wuhua District.

The ancient post road is located in the original Yibei trunk road and branch line of Kunming.

According to historical records, it is the “Southern Silk Road” of China and one of the ancient roads connecting Kunming.

On the tea and horse road with a long history, the stone slabs are polished smooth and bright by the years.

The sunken horseshoe prints seem to echo the crisp camel bells.

Today, a group of cyclists came up on the tea horse road! As one of the activities to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the construction of the hard rock cycling group, the mountain bike cross-country race on the ancient tea horse road in Sarang is held here.

The track is designed to be anticlockwise, with a total length of 3.5 kilometers.

It runs along the ancient road, and the stone road meets the earth road and forest road.

It is also built with obstacles such as wave road, wood road and flying bag.

It is a professional primary track for cross-country racing.

The track is jointly funded by Wuhua District government, Wuhua District Transportation Bureau and Wuhua District Education and Sports Bureau to prepare for the upcoming cycling race for primary and secondary school students in Kunming.

The race will be organized by Shalang ethnic experimental school.

The final obstacle area of the seventh anniversary race is located in Shalang ethnic experimental school.

Thanks to Mr.

weifanjun and his classmates from Shalang ethnic experimental school for helping to arrange the track and guide the race.

The photographer of the contestants of the women’s team will go to the men’s team first.

The competition is tense and fierce.

In some sections, those with weak cross-country skills need to get off and implement the ancient road riding.

The two strong riders meet and the brave one wins the downhill women’s team.

The start is by running! The female racers catch up with the male racers.

This is also the race venue in the Shalang ethnic experimental school.

It is also the champion of the men’s group at the end of the race.

Turning around to the champion of the female sister, the plum racers end the race from the first perspective and go to the unveiling ceremony of “hard rock riding – Shalang ancient tea horse road riding station” in the national cultural innovation park! Cyclists in Kunming are passing by Shalang.

Welcome to the cultural innovation park to replenish water, cheer up, rest and visit.

This is the rest post station for cyclists! Address: Shalang ethnic cultural innovation park visits the unique “Printing Museum” in Yunnan Province and presents certificates and bonuses! The group photo bonus for the top ten excellent players in the men’s group and the women’s group: the first prize (the first place for men and women) 300 yuan, the second prize (the second and third place for men and women) 200 yuan, the third prize (the fourth, fifth and sixth place for men and women) 100 yuan, the excellence prize (the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth place for men and women) 50 yuan.

The prizes include: the special pickles of the Bai nationality provided by Shalang Cultural Innovation Park, the bicycle kettle and handle cover provided by Dabao bicycle experience store, and the vegetable gift bag provided by Zhenfeng manor, Rose wine provided by Sanyi wine! We left the cultural and creative park for a full lunch and continued to ride in Zhenfeng manor in the afternoon.

Located in the north of Sarang, it is a good holiday place with multi-function and beautiful environment.

This time, we received great support.

We not only free tickets, but also prepared drinks and snacks such as Baixiang fruit juice, sour plum soup, French fries, chicken rice flowers, watermelon, honeydew melon, as well as a gift package of ecological vegetables for the winners of the competition! ZHENFENG rainbow camp Zhenfeng manor is also a riding post station named after “hard rock riding”! Riders are welcome to take a rest and add water when riding along the front line at the entrance of Shalang factory! Xizhu’s leader presented the award to the winners to go to the dirt road.

Our favorite slope is like this.

For hard rock people, it’s a cycling race in the morning and a cart exercise in the afternoon.

The cart goes up the slope in the forest.

They breathe in the natural oxygen bar.

The shade of the tree is not baked by the sun.

Even pushing the cart is happy.

On the mountains around Sarang, there are mature fire lanes that can be used as riding paths.

It is a good place to ride dirt roads and a basic skill for riding mountain bikes.

At the foot of the Liziping pass, the Beijing Kunming Expressway passes through Wuguishan interchange to Puji Road, and then returns to Sanyi.

There are awards waiting for us! What prize? Wine! Rose bittern wine inherited from intangible cultural heritage! The winners like to mention the good wine.

Everyone has a hand gift – wine! What’s enough for a delicious dinner? Wine! Ah Ling’s cake! Congratulations on our seventh birthday! Shooting, production, dubbing / Wang Li, poetry / plain fragrance, a touch of charm, the blue is more and more majestic than a thousand miles, just like a young hero in his prime of life, full of blood, women, and passion.

In this hurried world, with a lifetime of love, he carved the years gone into a warm poem.

Attachment: list of participants, 40 men’s group, Thanks to the top 10 list of 20 women in the women’s group: Shalang ethnic experimental school, Shalang ethnic cultural innovation park, Zhenfeng manor, Dabao bicycle experience shop, Kunming shanghou Advertising Co., Ltd.

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