The limit of physical strength is no limit — a one-day ride through Jiangnan Grand Canyon

Before, ever since he became obsessed with the means of transportation bicycle, he always wanted to learn from Internet experts to have a ride.

It coincides with the Qingming Festival holiday.

The weather is sunny and the temperature is not high.

It is suitable for outings.

Open Baidu map, scan the surrounding scenic spots, pass the Yangyan mountain that failed to ride last time, and skip the Niutou mountain within 10 kilometers.

The Jiangnan Grand Canyon and Xiaozhi mangrove forest 25 kilometers away were preliminarily selected.

As it is not the season for mangrove scenic spots to exude charm, the Jiangnan Grand Canyon has finally been finalized.

The bike got a good cheer, took a bottle of water, and went out.

Go at one o’clock in the afternoon, leaving on time.

Click on the navigation to see the distance.

It is about 25 kilometers.

At the beginning, the road is the one you usually ride.

You don’t need navigation, so you ride according to your feelings.

You don’t study the map until you need to get on the bridge.

Although I read the map, I was unfamiliar with the road conditions.

I took a little wrong road and finally got on the bridge.

In Jiangnan, the road here is a new road under construction.

Half of the new road is open for people to pass.

I started riding blindly again, riding along the main road to the construction site in front.

I was stopped by the construction workers.

There is no road ahead, so I can only take the small road to meet the old road.

The old road is a straight line to the end.

The bridge is really steep.

Focus on the wrong vision.

The remote South Railway Station has not been opened.

The tunnel goes the wrong way.

The fork road goes the wrong way.

There is a good scenery, and the old bridge road has a little history.

The destination is about to reach the beautiful greenway, good mountains, good water and good scenery.

The terminal station of bamboo forest riding is clear water and blue sky.

Forgive me for not having the literary grace to praise the beautiful scenery.

My depression slowly dissipated in the process of riding.

My efforts for several hours have been rewarded, What a leisurely time.

The Resort Park is not open, so tourists gather in the valley.

Some are taking beautiful photos of Chinese clothes, some are camping, some are fishing in the water, and some are barbecued on the bank.

Everyone has his own leisure life, and everyone is cherishing this hard won free time.

Later, I went with my friends again and realized that the destination I reached was only the entrance of the canyon, where the scenery was better.

Leisure time is always short.

After a tour, I chose to return.

It’s painful to ride back.

It may be that the subconscious doesn’t want to return to normal life.

Every step is very difficult.

Especially when I was riding in pain and the group of friends were having a happy barbecue, it cut my strength a lot across the screen.

When I passed the town, I thought about whether to supplement my strength.

I looked for it while riding.

In the end, I didn’t find any snack bar.

I had to ride home hungry and drinking water step by step.

When I got home, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon.

The total riding time was four hours, and the riding time was three hours.

I was basically on the road.

My cycling circle has been expanded from 10 kilometers to 20 kilometers, and there are more destinations to choose from.

Next time you can prepare some snacks to supplement your calories before you start.

Play was written on April 4, 2022 and May 30, 2022..