[Japan cycling log] May 24, 2022 Gifu trip D3: travel around Sanchuan, Tanchang Island Park

Itinerary introduction: yipeichuan, changliangchuan and muzengchuan.

These days’ itinerary is inseparable from the three rivers.

Today, I went directly to the estuary of Yichuan bay where Sanchuan converges, and then inspected the construction of xiasiri city.

This is the case with the industrial belt in the East China Sea.

It is not a beautiful sight, but these thriving factories are the fundamental reason why Japan is strong.

I didn’t climb the hill very much, and I also passed through Gifu, Sanyang and Aichi counties one day ~ ~ what I heard: actually, the day before, I had abdominal pain.

I thought D3 couldn’t ride and I had to go to the hospital When I got up in the morning, I felt that I had no problem at all In order to recover a little more thoroughly, I continued to sleep until the check-out time.

Then I drove to Sangming City, Sanzhong County as planned and started cycling.

As soon as I left, I saw rimei Ishihara again, How about having dinner first´╝ł (carbon water, protein and various supplements are so healthy.

I started at 11:00 and walked into the gate of Shiqi’s home at 11:01.

I stopped at Sangming NTN Hohe Sports Park, where there are large tennis courts and tall lighthouses.

Suspicious people in the park…

Headed towards Sanchuan into the sea, with flat rural roads all the way.

Dodu town is an old place name here, which was incorporated into Sangming in 2014 But it can still be seen on the well cover.

Go north along the pension railway, and there is a shallow pension mountain in the West.

In fact, the whole body is a little soft, but when you ride, you feel that the state is getting better and better.

There is still business at the Haijin bridge across Yifei river.

This brand is a little new.

The so-called mujin Sanchuan park is the place where yipeichuan, Changliang and muzhengchuan rivers flow into Yishi Bay.

There is a bicycle lane along the river, but the bicycle lane can’t see the river Finally, I found a high place.

The parking lot in Riverside Park is completely empty, ok Although it is a normal day, it still shows that there are too few people here The parking lot near Osaka Dianchuan cannot be empty.

In addition to Gifu and Sanchong, I also visited xiaaichi County today.

Generally, the county boundary is surrounded by mountains.

It is very rare to ride across three counties by the river.

The iron tower connecting high-voltage power lines on the river even has its own small chair.

There should be a lot of trams on the railway bridge of this line in Kansai.

It’s a little hot today.

Let’s have a carbonated Pepsi and watch the coming and going trams.

This red express is the near express “fire bird” from Osaka to Iraq.

It is very beautiful.

Gas tanks are still used nearby, which is also a rural area.

Ha ha, and LP gas is much more expensive than pipeline gas All the way to Long Island Park, you can already see the roller coaster from afar.

What the teacher Fu is taking is the Wan’an line and the expressway to Nagoya.

Coming and going, another day.

Long Island Park is the second largest amusement park in Japan after Disney, and its scale is even larger than that of Universal Studios.

Weibo friends said that if they came on June 1, they could see naimuban’s advertisement.

Spending money to scream is really an experience I can’t understand.

I don’t want to play at all Across the wall from the amusement park, the uncles are fishing comfortably.

It has been shuttling between rivers and bridges.

The pier next door is building a new bridge.

I really don’t know what this continuous little mushroom in the distance is The vending machine in Riverside Park also sells energy bars and calorie biscuits, which should also be a classic riding route.

The famous mulberry city and the long island paradise echo each other from ancient to modern times.

During the Warring States period, the famous general who conquered the three cities of Sangming was Kawakawa Yiyi under the command of Nobuta.

This summer, the ceremonies in Japan should be very hot.

It’s OK to keep a distance with a straw hat.

Get some cold vitamin C to continue your journey.

The sign of this pet shop is also very conspicuous.

I like the image of youth, always wearing school uniforms, riding a bicycle in the wind.

The change of seaside scenery can’t be compared with that in the mountains.

It’s still a little boring after a long time.

Riding along the embankment, you can see many introductions related to water conservancy construction.

After all, the East China Sea is also one of the largest industrial belts in Japan.

There must be many stories.

I don’t know if it is a natural gas tank in the distance.

If it is, I will talk about love like a bouquet again The embankment road finally came to an end.

I saw a lot of randomly parked bicycles.

There were children after school looking for treasure.

Seeing these stacked oyster shells, I suddenly thought of the news not long ago.

Many Chinese people excavate oysters at the seashore where oyster fishing is prohibited, and discard the oyster shells on the spot, causing great trouble to the local residents It is said that oyster meat should be sold to local Chinese restaurants, but because the nearby sea water has not been purified, in theory, these oyster meat can not be eaten because the pollutants exceed the standard But judging by the weight of the oyster shell, it should not be that someone did this on a large scale After riding the riverside road, the next step is to go along the main road in the city to Siri city.

The complete name of Siri city should be Siri city, Everyone should know (after inspecting the construction of Donghai Industrial Zone, the scene of the fourth day market is like this.

However, the night scenery of the industrial zone should be pretty good.

For example, in beikyushu, I saw the sunrise on New Year’s day in pancang in 2017, which is unforgettable.

The traffic in the city is busy.

The National Highway 1 will be supplemented, and then I will go back to the destination.

Seeing the advertisement for cold noodles to be put on the shelves, I have the smell of midsummer.

I was a little surprised to see that there are some famous things in the fourth day market…

I went to check it, it’s really a surprise It’s so long It’s a beautiful day.

The air is so bright.

The oil price in Sanzhong county and Siri city should be the lowest I have seen recently.

Although I have seen extremely low prices in other cities, there are only one or two of them..