The definition of bicycle riding intensity level, which do you belong to?

There must be a standard for judging the riding intensity.

Here we will divide the riding intensity into levels from multiple dimensions, and everyone will take their seats according to their numbers.

Riding mileage 1.

At the primary level, you can commute by bike every day, or go to the suburbs on weekends.

The total riding distance in a day will not exceed 100 kilometers.


It is common to ride hundreds of miles a day at the intermediate level, and never be afraid of long-distance riding within a thousand kilometers.


The riding distance of the advanced level in a year can go around the earth.

I don’t know how many times.

The code meter has exploded.

How big the earth is, use a bicycle to measure it.

Bicycle model 1.

The primary level bicycles are usually Xc, Yamagata party, or commute by riding a small wheel bike.


Intermediate level road riding, pursuing speed and passion; Ride DH, pursue stimulation and challenge; Riding BMX, pursuing skill and cool 3.

Advanced models are no longer important.

What is important is that they must be the top-level combat vehicles.

The money for buying bicycles and upgrading can buy cars.

Riding consumption 1.

At the primary level, whether you buy a bike or equipment, or go out for riding, you must pursue cost performance.

Riding is still very economical.


Intermediate level cycling to save money? Does not exist! Walking farther and farther on the road of burning money 3.

High level riding style 1.

Riding at the primary level should be easy, and leisure riding is the king.


At the intermediate level, it will explode when you start, and it will be miserable when you ride.


Senior brother can ride as he likes, and follow his mood.

Riding time 1.

At the primary level, the riding time is only fourorfive hours, a little longer is sixorseven hours, and back and forth on the same day.


Intermediate level what 24 hours, 48 hours of uninterrupted competition often participate in, a ride can not stop.


It’s impossible to go to work at the senior level.

I don’t go to work.

I ride my bike all year round.

Bicycle race 1.

The junior level often watches bicycle races, and will also summon up the courage to compete, but most of them are foil.


Regular riders of intermediate level cycling competitions, who often take places, have become a little famous.


The senior level disdains to participate in ordinary bicycle races.

They are already professional drivers.

Riding road conditions 1.

Most of the primary levels are urban riding, mainly flat roads.


The intermediate level likes to climb slopes, like to challenge difficult road conditions, and can ride Sichuan Tibet line, Yunnan Tibet line and other riding routes.


Advanced level challenge Xinzang line and other routes that accidentally lead to gameover.

As long as you have a way in mind, you can ride anywhere.

Pull people into the pit 1.

At the primary level, everyone says that riding is good.

Pulling people into the pit is never boring.


Intermediate level personal education is more important than oral teaching.

They will use their own actions to inspire their friends to join the cycling ranks.


High level bicycle official account, apps or industry portals have been established to make contributions to the domestic bicycle industry.

Riding friends’ emotional status 1.

At the primary level, they are in good emotional status and have their own other half.

They are very happy.


Intermediate level 3, advanced level..