Hushang 1st “Rainbow ride” King entry line! Meet Rainbow Road + Qingyou country road + sun island riverside / Zizania latifolia / old street

On the 1st day of the “Rainbow ride” in Shanghai, the king’s entry-level line broke the wind – the legendary Rainbow Road in Shanghai incarnated in the secret old street of parent-child riding – Liantang old street for fun, secluded from the little-known weaves – Zizania latifolia weaves, and personally makes a Trojan horse picking – picking cucumbers, vegetables, tomatoes and other large vegetable sheds in season.

There are all kinds of leisure entry-level parent-child riding.

Children who are 1.1 meters tall can come to play a very short drive to avoid the crowd, Let the children be happy.

Xu Wa is an outcast and pondering a day.

Riding on this day is only a secret place for us.

We were the first to find it.

Riding on rainbow road in Qingpu, shuttling through the countryside, weaving Trojans along the river, picking fresh vegetables in the vegetable garden, eating delicious food in the old streets and lanes on the tip of our tongue.

You are laughing.

The little-known rainbow riding has kept us on the road.

Along the way, we rode on the rainbow track that we ran through the Shanghai marathon, It’s very beautiful to shuttle through the woods.

It’s refreshing to overlook the sun island and the river bank.

It’s a leisure and pleasant trip.

Here, there are the banks of the Mao River, the lush rainbow forest road, and the countryside with field gardens.

Only when you come here can you find such a refreshing secret place.

The weather is just right.

How can we not come out to enjoy a natural Zizania latifolia? The children are super happy.

Not to be missed is the green vegetable greenhouses fresh picking blue, which is the most color in our ride; Green is the freshest color we have ever seen when picking.

There are seasonal vegetables, such as cucumbers, small green vegetables and Chinese cabbage, which you can take home after riding.

With a history of more than 1000 years, Liantang old street, an authentic taste bud delicacy, has maintained a peaceful and quiet life.

This is a rare ancient charm and slow life in the old streets of ancient towns in Shanghai.

This has a lot to do with the small scale of the jade belt running through the East and west of the old street and the government’s encouragement to protect it from development.

Here, you can find the pastries and snacks along the river, dumplings and meat, as well as the fried small miscellaneous fish in the small restaurant.

Specific itinerary Day1 Shanghai – Liantang Town – Liantang old street – starting at 8:30 a.m.

on the return trip to the urban area, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center Subway Station – entrance 6 sets out at 9:05 a.m., and the families who gather at No.

19, Shuiqing South Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (near the Mediterranean Hotel) for self driving will send the collection location within the group the day before departure.

9: At 05-10:00, the staff were laughing and chatting with the children along the way, and they went there with interesting interaction.

10: 00-11:30 [country riding] take the adult and children’s riding equipment and wear helmets.

We set out to the west, passing through the village built along the water, passing through the green fields and the clean country roads in the countryside.

The riding was just right.

Then we arrived at the designated place and [made ponies] with our own hands.

Under the guidance of the village grandmother, we made all kinds of small animals with our own hands.

11: 30-13:00 [Liantang old street pondering] everyone rode to the old street and looked for snacks in the ancient town, such as youdunzi, cut cake, Baifu cake, Liantang Shaomai, smoked shredded silk, and Begonia cake.

There is [Chenyun Memorial Hall] nearby, which is open according to the actual situation of the epidemic.

You can take a tour.

13: 30-15:30 [rainbow ride] along the way, we rode the rainbow track run by the Shanghai marathon, shuttled through the beautiful woods, and looked at the sun island and the river bank.

It was refreshing.

15: 30-16:00 [picking time] come here to experience the joy of picking.

There are seasonal vegetables for picking in the greenhouse, such as cucumbers, small green vegetables, Chinese cabbage, etc.

16: Return to Shanghai at 30-17:30, and the camp will be completed.

See you next time ~ note: for vegetable picking, each child will experience picking and give 2 kg of seasonal vegetables.

For the excess, it will be 5 yuan per kg, and tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

can be picked.

For other varieties, the on-site seasonal price will prevail.

Ticket purchasing instructions [activity schedule] June 18, 2022 June 25, 2022 July 2, 2022 July 16, 2022 July 31, 2022 August 6, 2022 August 13, 2022 August 20, 2022 August 27, 2022 if you need to increase the schedule, you can contact the customer service, Welcome to customize [event price] bus – children’s parents’ state special offer: 280 yuan bus – adults’ parents’ state special offer: 265 yuan self driving – children’s parents’ state special offer: 183 yuan self driving – adults’ parents’ state special offer: 168 yuan [cost included] 1.

Transportation: round trip bus fare (except for self driving orders) 2.

Riding fee 3.

Personnel: staff and driver subsidies 4.

Organization planning: event organization and planning costs 5 Others: cost of travel accident insurance, medicine chest and props 6.

Children: picking 2 kg of green vegetables and weaving Trojans [cost excluded] 1 Force Majeure: additional expenses caused by traffic delay, strike, weather or other force majeure factors 2 Lunch 3 Others: the cost includes items not mentioned.

Tips: pluckable tomatoes, cucumbers, water bamboo, etc., 5 yuan / kg; Other varieties shall be subject to the on-site seasonal price.

[suitable for families] families aged 6-12 need to be accompanied by adults (children must be at least 1.1 meters tall and can ride).

Notes for group participation over 60 years old: when participating in activities over 60 years old, an exemption agreement must be signed..