The cycling fever in Beijing is heating up, and a variety of bicycles are sold out

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Thank you for your support! Source: Beijing daily client “now the most suitable means of transportation in Beijing should be bicycles.” Many citizens have published their cycling records of more than ten kilometers in their circle of friends.

Recently, due to the epidemic, the roads with heavy traffic have become much wider, and the cycling team in the capital has grown up unconsciously.

Bicycles, which were originally mainly used for short-distance travel, have increasingly become a way for people to exercise and even commute daily.

“Just got one.

It’s great!” Since Wenhui bought a road bike, riding at night has become her most anticipated thing every day.

“It’s wonderful to start when the sun is going down and ride for 40 minutes to watch the sunset!” In Wen Hui’s photo album, there are also many recent sunset street scenes.

She will use her camera to record the beautiful moments she encounters when riding a bike.

“Beijing is very suitable for cycling.

The non motorized lanes are very wide.

Since the outbreak, there have been a lot less cars and the exhaust is not so heavy.” Cycling enthusiast Lily told reporters that she has rarely driven this year, and most of the time she rides to work.

Recently, when I was living at home, I often rode in the park in the early morning.

It took me more than 40 kilometers to brush the half horse track twice.

It was really enjoyable.

Bicycle stores in Beijing can also feel the heating up of the riding fever.

Many of the best-selling models in the stores have been hard to find.

“I went to five stores recently.

The most common thing I told me was that they were out of stock!” Ms.

Zhang wanted to buy a bicycle because of her commuting needs.

After running several bicycle franchised stores, such as giant, Decathlon, Merida and sishengde, she didn’t buy the model she wanted.

“It’s either out of stock or my size.

The boss said that all the popular models are out of stock in Beijing!” Mr.

Zhao also lamented that it was difficult to buy a car.

“All my favorite cars were out of stock.

I was in a hurry to use them, so I bought a second-hand one on the free fish.” The reporter found that many popular models were out of stock in the official giant mall.

The reporter randomly located the stores in Dongcheng District and Fengtai District.

The popular vehicles on the home page were basically out of stock regardless of color and size, and a few showed that only one piece of inventory was left.

“The boss said he could sell dozens of cars a day.

I waited half a month to buy them after I ordered them!” “I went to the temple of heaven store to see the car that day, and the store was almost empty.” “I squatted on the Internet for several days and finally got one”…

Netizens shared various “rush buying” experiences.

The popularity of cycling has also driven some peripheral products to catch fire, “novice equipment”, “Rider wear” and “riding app recommendations”…

On social platforms, there are various recommendations from riding routes to equipment suitable for novices.

“Today’s riding style of the wind chasing girl!” After Ms.

Li started the road car, she often shared riding equipment with her like-minded friends.

“I got my helmet, gloves and riding pants, and I couldn’t stop.” On a shopping platform, the reporter searched for riding helmets.

The monthly sales of several helmet sellers on the home page reached thousands, and riding pants and gloves were also hot selling items.

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