Spring silhouette (2022)

If you like, please click on the blue words “walking under the snowy sky” at the top of the old song classic 118, plump and express 1.

Plump, take a nap or read the newspaper.

For me, that’s all for the option of lunch break.

However, I am used to reading newspapers, and decades of habit has become natural.

At noon, I went to work in advance as usual.

I took a large pile of newspapers from the company’s newspaper box.

When waiting for the elevator, three talkative men who usually regarded themselves as old seniority and old organs came behind me.

After lunch, they met to walk in the opposite park every day.

They looked very close and friendly every day.

They didn’t get tired of each other.

Three men, odd and same-sex, are middle-aged and fat, greasy and boring, talkative and tasteless.

Anyway, I can’t think of any attraction and fun.

They get together like “dog and egg” every day.

The company also has young or middle-aged female employees who go out for a walk at noon.

They snuggle closely with each other, hand in hand.

Why don’t they go with men and women? Or, mixed teams? Men and women walk hand in hand.

At least, they look more harmonious, stable, interesting and happy.

Do they dare not think or do, or do they have no such desire at all? Or are they willing to cooperate with men? Maybe they have similar orientations? Seeing them, I always have such boring thoughts in my heart.

When I was reading the newspaper at the entrance of the elevator, someone said to me, “yo! There are still people reading the newspaper now? I haven’t read it for decades!” I said “well” as an answer.

Another of them answered, “well, what’s in the newspaper now? Isn’t the mobile phone very convenient?” I continued to say “well”, which was an answer.

“Alas! I’m busy working all day.

How can I have time to read the newspaper? It seems that the workload is not full!” Their last man thus completed the relay.

They are laughing, happy, proud and satisfied, for their successful relay, for their seamless connection and cooperation, and for the super-level play of the last leg.

Into the elevator, in addition to me and the four of them, there are two women and a man, a total of seven.

They continued to laugh and be happy and satisfied.

I watched the in-depth analysis report on the tension between Russia and Ukraine in the global times, Speak loudly: “1.

Not reading newspapers doesn’t mean you don’t have time to read newspapers.

Please don’t steal concepts and play the game of stealing beams and pillars.


Mobile phones are not newspapers, nor are newspapers mobile phones.

They have their own functions, which can’t be replaced by each other in my opinion.

Just as newspapers and toilet paper can’t be mixed by mistake, otherwise it will desecrate newspapers, pollute your mouth and insult your IQ.


There is no difference between literacy and reading newspapers There must be a connection, and the workload has no inevitable relationship with reading newspapers.

In this world, there are many people who are blind.

There are many people who are too busy to know what to do.

There are also many people who have not read a newspaper in their life.


Since working, many people have told me that they don’t even have time to read the newspaper.

They say that reading the newspaper is a person with insufficient workload.

Finally, they left ahead of schedule without exception.

It is estimated that they also don’t have time to read the newspaper in another world.


At this age, he is still stubborn, still pretending to be full of workload, and still struggling with his low-level repetitive work for decades, which is a disgusting insult to decades of simple repetitive actions and expensive salary.


As for what reading newspapers can bring, there is no need to explain to a person who has not read newspapers for decades, otherwise it will desecrate his IQ.


At this age, three old men’s huddling together for warmth is just self deceptive masturbation and self entertainment.

As the saying goes, men and women are matched, and walking is not tired.

It’s much better to find a hand in hand as early as possible than being a silly odd dog with eggs…

“Eh, what about people? When I looked up, the three “dogs and eggs” had disappeared.

The man of two women and one man smiled and said, “just laid, you said you ran away.” I have some unfinished business.

This is the biggest unhappiness! Entering the office, I made tea again, adjusted the angle of the chair, and began to read the newspaper in a comfortable half lying posture.

There is almost an hour before I go to work, which is enough for me to read the newspaper leisurely.

There are eight kinds of newspapers, all of which are ordered by the company.

I read them one by one, and most of them skimmed through the headlines.

Take a rough look at those you are interested in, place those you like next to them, and finally read them carefully, intensively and tastefully.

By working time, I had finished reading the newspaper, and kept two supplement newspapers that needed to be read.

I would read them again when I was free.

I think that at this time, the three “dogs and eggs” may wake up from a comfortable nap and it’s time to devote themselves to “a full workload of work”.

The two newspapers that need to be read are China Meteorological daily and Guangming Daily.

Lu Jian and Zhang Qi’s full page report “great” small things “on Waliguan mountain in the supplement of China Meteorological daily is about some” small things “about the only atmospheric background reference Observatory in Eurasia on Waliguan mountain in Gonghe County, Qinghai.

Waliguan mountain, 3816 meters above sea level, I visited the 10kV power supply line in the autumn of 1989 on foot for many times.

I had the experience of being poured by rainstorm all night while howling on the hillside.

Mount Waliguan has become a benchmark memory and benchmark height in my memory..