[meditation and cycling] it’s a good scenery to be with people you like

“It took six days to ride from Xiangyang to Muyu, during which there was a lot of hardship, but more happiness and enjoyment.

The whole person was completely immersed in the process of riding, emptied himself and integrated with nature.

Feel the beautiful scenery of flowers and birds; listen to the streams and water, and the wind singing among the trees.

Words can never accurately express my feelings.

I can only say: all this is so beautiful! If I didn’t come in person Among them, I don’t know how regretful life would be without such an experience! ” The fourth day’s trip was from Maqiao to Songbai.

Elder martial brother Zhiyuan said that the riding on this day was like playing for us, which was very relaxed.

So we set out with fun.

Not long after starting, I met a family with cherries on the cherry tree next to me.

Elder martial brother Zhiyuan went to discuss with the master and gave us money to pick cherries.

After obtaining the consent, everyone went to the tree to pick, eat while picking, and go after eating.

Not long after walking, I met another more cherry tree.

The elder martial brother went to discuss with the master again.

The master said no money and let us pick it ourselves.

Elder martial brother Zhiyuan must give money.

After pushing and bustling, the master really refused but accepted, so he took a saw and sawed down the cherry tree for us to pick.

After walking around and having a look, we came to the place where we had lunch.

The bell of Shennongjia also came here.

It also brought us cherries and delicious scenery bought by yilinju, which let us linger for a long time.

The noon sun made the ground hot.

We rested on the long corridor by the pool for a long time, went to yilinju to enjoy the Yabai, and didn’t move on until four o’clock.

All the way up the slope slowly, and the last big long slope also exhausted us.

It was already seven o’clock in the evening when we arrived at Songbai.

We put down our luggage and ate directly.

The dinner is super rich and delicious.

More importantly, there is Fangxian yellow rice wine that people will never forget.

The bell accompanied us from noon to night.

Fourteen people, including him, tasted the sweet and fragrant Fangxian rice wine.

Elder martial brother Zhiyuan seems to like drinking rice wine very much.

He starts the second cup before everyone else; Elder martial brother Guojin especially likes to pour wine for people and fill us up in circles.

I am the most lively person.

I will respect everyone and take special care of brother Jing.

After all, he is the most shy of this group and doesn’t drink for many years (I don’t know if it’s true).

Sister Chun, dark blue, Yuanyuan, Anning and Yangbo are basically involved, but they are very restrained.

Thanksgiving is always the most lively and action lags behind.

One meter of sunshine is a man who drinks very much Elder martial brother Guojin took good care of us in all aspects, so I specially went to him to honor him.

I didn’t expect him to have a full cup with me.

Well, according to my character, accept and continue to drink half a cup…

In this way, we drank ten kilograms of yellow rice wine.

People who drink too much are probably at seven or eight.

After eating and drinking enough, it’s not suitable to take a bath and sleep immediately.

Let’s go for a walk.

The moon watched us laughing in the sky.

Yimi sunshine, brother Jing, senior brother Guojin, dark blue, Zhuanzhuan and I strolled into the street from the villa on the hillside.

The pines and cypresses at night are quiet.

There are almost no pedestrians on the road.

Only we walk side by side in the street hand in hand, and only our laughter fills the night sky.

On the half slope back to the villa, we saw the Big Dipper seven stars.

I couldn’t distinguish them until I photographed them with one meter of sunshine.

The moon, stars and happy us made the night of pines and cypresses so beautiful that our laughter almost overturned the roof of the villa.

All the friends who didn’t go to the street with us came out.

We ran to elder martial brother Zhiyuan’s room to wake him up.

His sleepy eyes said: “wash and sleep, don’t make trouble, it’s too late”.

We don’t dare to be too presumptuous.

As a result, Yang Heng became the target of our “bullying”, but everyone had no strength to laugh.

He couldn’t even “bully” the thin looking one.

It was almost eleven o’clock before we took a bath and slept happily.

On this day, this group of people really melted together like family members.

From pine and cypress to Hongping and from Hongping to Muyu, we shuttle through Shennongjia forest area.

We go uphill every day.

Lunch is also dealt with by biscuits and steamed bread, but everyone feels full of energy.

Shili Gallery really deserves its reputation.

Even I, a mountain man, am intoxicated with it.

The wine bowl in jiuhuping also brings us infinite happiness.

← slide left and right → from Xiangyang to Muyu, we rode for six days.

During this period, we had a lot of difficulties, but more fun and enjoyment.

The whole person is completely immersed in the process of riding, empty himself and integrate with nature.

Feel the beauty of flowers and birds; Listen to the stream, the wind sing among the trees.

Language can never accurately express feelings, I can only say: all this is so beautiful! If I hadn’t been there in person, I don’t know what a pity life would be without such an experience! In my heart, no matter traveling or cycling, the place and scenery are second, and the most important thing is who I am with.

With people you like, there are good scenery everywhere.

Fortunately, we met people of the same frequency on this ride.

We hit it off very well together.

Over the years, these people from different places have been getting along very happily.

▲ Yang Bo, from Chengde, Hebei Province, used to be a scout.

Old a in the army is ready to ride Lhasa after riding Shennongjia.

He is the leader of our team.

It is said that he is 57 years old and the highest altitude in this group.

He seldom speaks, observes more and listens more.

With the usual success of administrative officials, he can seize the opportunity to send his concern for us.

At first, he didn’t pay attention to these delicate women.

After riding for two days, he always fell behind..