Senior high school students have been questioned and reported about the award of making unmanned bicycles, the latest progress

Sheng Ming recently, our office received a report about the suspected fraud of the winning papers of Shi’s 2021 Qiu Chengtong Middle School Science Award (hereinafter referred to as “Qiu Award”).

The office attached great importance to it and immediately organized experts from the 2021 Qiu award final evaluation committee (hereinafter referred to as the “final evaluation committee”) to review the reported papers.

The relevant information is hereby stated as follows: first, the 2021 Qiu award is divided into six discipline awards, including mathematics award, physics award, Chemistry Award, biology award, computer award and economic and financial modeling award, as well as interdisciplinary science Gold Award.

One gold award, two silver awards, three bronze awards and four winning awards were selected in the 2021 Qiu Award (computer) finals.

Among them, Shi won the winner of the 2021 Qiu Award (computer) finals.

The title of the paper submitted by Shi Moumou is: Kinematics Based Vehicle Trajectory Optimization for objective avoidance and goal satisfaction (the title of the final paper is: hybrid networks planning approval autonomous cycle).

2、 After reconsideration, the final evaluation committee reached the following conclusion: the theme of the paper submitted by Shi and the award is to use the algorithm to deal with the problem of automatic balanced bicycle path planning.

The paper evaluation experts, semi-finals and finals evaluation experts all evaluate the path planning and draw conclusions.

The work of this paper has certain difficulty and application innovation for middle school students.

The final evaluation committee considered that the results of the paper met the criteria for the award.

The expert evaluation is based on the algorithm results described in the paper, and bicycle is not the main basis of evaluation.

The bicycle used by the author in the evaluation is not directly related to the evaluation results.

On the question of whether the code involved in the author’s participating paper is original, after comparison, the code submitted by the author is the same as the open source project of Zhi Huijun, the up Master of station B( )Different codes.

In conclusion, the Organizing Committee of Qiu award respects the academic judgment of the final evaluation committee and believes that the results of the paper meet the criteria for the award of the winner of the finals.

3、 The office has paid attention to some media reports on the award of Shi XX.

These reports have not been verified with the Organizing Committee and do not represent the opinions of the organizing committee.

If exaggerated or false publicity is involved, the responsible party shall bear the corresponding responsibility, which has nothing to do with Qiu award.

Thank all sectors of society for their attention to the selection of Qiu award.

Qiu prize will continue to strictly respect the rules of competition and evaluation, respect academic judgment, and welcome supervision from all walks of life.

At the same time, considering that the winners are minors, the office also calls on netizens to pay attention to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of minors.

It is hereby declared.

Previously reported by the Organizing Committee Office of Qiu Chengtong middle school science award on January 17, 2002, recently, the report that “senior high school students built unmanned bicycles and won the Qiu Chengtong Award” has aroused great concern of public opinion.

As like as two peas pointed out, the “Tesla”, which is known as the bicycle version by the media, is exactly the same as the unsold bicycle with a net sales of about 20 thousand yuan.

According to the report of Hangzhou media orange persimmon interactive client on January 3, 2022, “handsome and playable! Boys of Hangzhou No.

9 middle school have created a new type of driverless bicycle, which has won the winner of the global top competition for middle school students, the only one in Zhejiang”: “Recently, the finals of the 2021 Qiu Chengtong middle school science award came to an end.

Shi Moumou, a senior three student from Hangzhou No.

9 middle school, won the computer award of the finals and the first prize of China’s sub division with the world’s top ten results by virtue of the ‘assisted driving self balancing bicycle’ project, which is also the only ‘Qiu award’ in Zhejiang Province in 2021.” Hangzhou media released Shi’s award-winning work “assisted driving self balancing bicycle”.

For Shi’s award-winning work, the above report said that “he was inspired by the” self balancing bicycle with tianjic chip “invented by Tsinghua University…

And created a bicycle version of Tesla”: in the past year of building the car, he wrote code, did simulation experiments and constantly debugged the system, Finally, the whole bicycle project was successfully completed by the end of March 2021.

At present, the level of the control algorithm of the path planning and decision-making module in the “central brain” of this bicycle is between L2-L3, second only to the automatic assisted driving level of Tesla Model 3.

However, after the release of the report, many netizens questioned it.

Some netizens have posted screenshots on Zhihu and have sent emails to Tsinghua University to report fraud.

A netizen said: “this thing is very magical in the eyes of liberal arts students.

In the eyes of science students, you can list the purchase list of Taobao and the source code of open source projects.