Riding training is scientific. Unscientific training will bring injuries

Cycling is beneficial to the body and mind.

Everyone will have different training goals and methods according to their own conditions.

It is the most scientific to adjust the intensity and frequency according to their own conditions in training and cycling.

Therefore, scientific training is particularly important.

Unscientific methods will lead to injury or reaction.

Riding too little obviously can’t meet the conditions of training and exercise.

It’s important to stay away from injuries, but what’s the point of riding too little? If you want to make continuous progress and break through yourself, you can only improve your cardiopulmonary function, coordination and endurance through continuous training.

Please don’t be lazy and get on your car.

Having enthusiasm is not a bad thing, but being too enthusiastic is not necessarily a good thing.

A high degree of enthusiasm may lead to cumulative fatigue and lead to being blown up by your enthusiasm.

The purpose of group association is to improve, not through enthusiasm and excess.

Riding and relaxation are carried out simultaneously, which is a scientific way.

Riding training can be reflected in many aspects, such as speed, endurance and so on.

If only from the speed to reflect, I advise you to act properly and ride with high intensity, leaving yourself some time to buffer and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Cycling is not only aerobic exercise, but also a platform for you to harvest beauty and friendship.

It’s not too late when to ride.

After a day’s hard work and study, don’t let your physical strength overdraw.

Proper coordination with relaxed leisure riding can not only make the body reach a sports state, but also alleviate fatigue and relax the tense spirit.

Riding is not a sport to win by stepping on weight.

The science of riding is to obtain a better power weight ratio.

In the process of cycling, we should maintain the best stepping frequency and supplement the body during and after cycling.

This is the most scientific.

Don’t think the problem is to reduce fat and damage the body.

A reasonable diet will not increase the content of subcutaneous fat.

Excessive riding is bound to cause sports injury.

Riding is a step-by-step process, which is to increase step by step, not to explode yourself.

There is no mistake in accumulating mileage, but exercise and rest coexist.

With good exercise and insufficient rest, the body cannot recover effectively, and the problem will be strain…