Arbor Day, a wizard of Oz ride

Today is the annual Arbor Day.

The greenways in Chengdu make life more and more comfortable.

Parks inherit the context and carry a better life, Cheng Jiaojun recommended four greenway scenic spots suitable for cycling, which can not only exercise, but also feel the beauty of the park city during sports.

01 Qinglong Lake Wetland Park, as an important part of the first phase of Jincheng Park, is a model of urban ecological lake area integrating “four forms” of form, business, culture and ecology, Qinglong Lake Wetland Park has undoubtedly become a “tourist belt” in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu.

The whole journey of cycling around the lake is about 9 kilometers.

There are large lawns and dense trees in the scenic area.

Take a tour around the lake and have a close encounter with spring girl in the park city.

Click navigation: Qinglong Lake Wetland Park 02 Jincheng Lake Park Jincheng Lake Park is located in the south section of the ring expressway, starting from Chengdu Kunming Railway in the West and Zhanhua road in the East.

The park consists of four lake areas, covering an area of 2400 mu, including 1000 mu of water surface.

The greenway around the lake can be used for fitness, cycling and walking.

It is known as “night running resort” by Chengdu people.

In recent years, Jincheng lake has gradually become an important venue for domestic water sports events.

You can also arrange kayaking to experience the enthusiasm and style of Tianfu greenway.

Leisure travel, cycling around the lake, sitting by the lake, listening to music in a daze, quietly taking a breath in the dense urban buildings, relaxing and clearing away your irritability.

Click navigation: Jincheng Lake Park 03 jade Wetland Park jade Wetland Park is located in the south of the intersection of Chengdu Xiamen Chengdu Expressway and the ring expressway.

It is divided into two parts by the ring expressway: inside and outside.

Among them, the area around the inner creates rich landscapes and playing facilities, with lakes and marshes scattered everywhere; The outside of the circle is dominated by ecological farmland landscape, which is natural and simple.

Ride through the jade Wetland Park, feel the magnificent beauty of the lake area and enjoy the tranquility of the pool.

Click navigation: Chengdu Jade Wetland Park 04 jiangjiayiyuan jiangjiayiyuan is the first demonstration area for the integrated development of “agriculture, commerce, culture and tourism” in Jincheng park.

The picture address is located in Sansheng township area between chengzilu and Jackie Chan Avenue, Jincheng greenway.

It is connected with Jiangjia vegetable field in the East, ring Expressway in the south, Gaowei Park in the West and Jinjiang Avenue in the north.

The traffic location is very convenient.

With green trees, red flowers, blue waves and mirror water, jiangjiayiyuan Wetland Park is not so simple.

In addition to the high-value greenway landscape, Jiangjia art garden also fully integrates fashion art and cultural elements to show Tianfu culture in the Greenway Construction, which is suitable for a family to ride slowly.

There is also a theme park with parent-child art experience and popular science education as the carrier, creating a colorful world for parent-child families.

In addition, the Dagens greenway Equestrian Center is also a good place for parent-child activities.

Every weekend, Jiangjia art garden is full of popularity.

Young people ride bicycles through the winding greenway.

Parents lead their children to wander and play by the flowers in the forest.

Citizens also take camping tents, lay down with damp proof mats and quietly enjoy the good weather.

In addition, the canoeing project is also very popular, attracting many citizens to “taste the fresh”.

Click navigation: jiangjiayiyuan city and park are integrated and symbiotic.

People live in harmony with nature.

Tianfu greenway will be set up this weekend! Source: Chengdu Sports recommended reading editor | Jiajia | proofreading | Muzi | responsible editor | required course of Lausanne’s life! Take the baby to punch in and add 31 more bases for eye care in spring.

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