Riding this way, it’s easy to lose friends


Riding without helmets is closely related to their own safety.

It is extremely dangerous not to wear helmets.

Once they fall, the consequences are serious.

However, some cyclists don’t even listen to advice and insist on not wearing them.

If they encounter such cyclists, they must collapse in their hearts.


Night riding without lights night riding without lights can be seen everywhere in the circle.

The lights are dim, the road conditions can not be seen clearly, resulting in falling off the car, and there is no recognition in the eyes of others, resulting in being hit.

And so on, countless In short, it is the pain witnessed by blood and tears.

I hope the majority of riders will pay attention.


The rules and cooperation are extremely important when the team does not follow the basic safety rules and changes lanes at will! Keep your position, don’t change lanes at will, and put an end to side-by-side riding, reverse riding, throwing handlebars and other behaviors.

Otherwise, it will not only affect the riding friends before and after, but also lead to car falling and collision accidents, resulting in danger.


Make an appointment but not punctual.

Clearly make an appointment for the departure time, but it does not appear.

What is delayed is not only their own time, but also the time of their teammates.

The delay may cause all the activity arrangements to be disrupted, resulting in poor follow-up impact, which will affect the riding experience.


Group riding doesn’t wait and doesn’t cooperate with the team.

Maybe there is always a great God who thinks your team is riding too slowly So leave the team alone and run in the front, but maybe the danger is also in the front In group riding activities, we should cooperate with the organizer’s arrangement and command, maintain a stable distance between each other, and ensure that teammates can take care of each other.

It is suggested to set the assembly point in advance and set off at a fixed point.

We all hope to go and go back together.


Pull at will.

It’s clearly said that leisure riding The result is still desperately pulling; Clearly agreed to bring new people The result is regardless of the explosion! After riding with such teammates once, I don’t want to have another time.


In violation of the basic code of ethics, when you ride a bicycle, you are no longer an individual, but a group of riders.

Littering, damaging public facilities, climbing trees, and even previous incidents of fake riders are all great damage to the image of the riding group.


There may also be people who don’t participate in activities and have to find various reasons to encourage others not to participate.

Then, why ride a bike?..