Riding, practicing, climbing and viewing the scenery

The scenery after the rain on July 10 is really beautiful.

The Ming Tombs reservoir is rippling with blue waves, the lake reflects the blue sky, and the mountains are surrounded by clouds.

Clouds and mists move back and forth, soaring upward, and the mountains appear and disappear in the fog; The sun shines on the earth, with light and shadow, and the surrounding mountains are particularly transparent, with exquisite pictures slowly unfolding.

In the morning, I watched the rain stop and rode to the South Ring Bridge.

Because of the clouds, I wanted to delay the shooting here.

When I turned around and saw a line of clouds in Mangshan, without hesitation, I pedaled and ran to Mangshan.

Looking at Python mountain from a distance, I was afraid that it would be fleeting.

I got off halfway to take photos.

On the way, stop wherever you want.

Approaching the spillway of the reservoir, the clouds and mist in Mangshan Mountain appear scarce.

Taking advantage of the enthusiasm, I was a little disappointed.

The clouds are fragmented in such a big Python mountain.

The lion sitting on the bank frowns.

Finally, the clouds roll in the upper reaches of the reservoir.

Let’s play and take photos here.

With camera synthesis, the bridge of the future science city has been moved here.

In order to take pictures of the clouds on the west side, you’d better go up the mountain.

The mountains around the Ming Tombs scenic area are covered with clouds and mists.

Wading through the dew after the rain, drilling the path up the mountain.

There was no cloud or fog in Mangshan Mountain, but there was a ray of sunshine in the valley.

Changping city was shrouded in clouds, and a beam of sunshine shone on the qikong bridge, gradually clearing up and refreshing.

Large clouds are rolling, and the sun is drifting in the city.

Python mountain also has a trace of light, brightening the valley.

A cloud swept in and rushed to the head of Mangshan Mountain.

Mangshan Mountain was shrouded in clouds.

The chaos of Changping City flew across the clouds, which was comparable to the blue sky and white clouds on the mountain in yangzhuoyongcuo.

In fact, the clouds rolled slowly.

After the shooting time was delayed, it was adjusted 10 times faster to see the image of the clouds rolling (four pictures, it is better to finish watching).

The Ming Tombs reservoir is magnificent, Changping city is gorgeous and colorful.

Attracted by this beautiful scenery, I keep choosing the shooting angle to record the reflection of the lake light in this beautiful time, which is very beautiful.

The climbers also stopped, immersed in appreciation and beautiful photography.

The blue waves are rippling, and the mountain top of Python is completely shrouded in fog.

Although you don’t want to leave, you’d better go down the mountain.

The sun brightened the dam and the Wolong hall beside the highway.

Looking at the beautiful scenery, the lions were all elated.

See the reservoir dam in Jiulong Pavilion tomorrow, half sunshine, half shadow.

The video recorded on the mountain reproduces the beautiful scenery at that time.

This is July 9.

Under the scorching sun, I came to Hanbao mountain to see the scenery under the blue sky and white clouds.

The reservoir dam in direct sunlight the lion bares his teeth in the sun.

There is no one above the reservoir dam.

Jiulong Pavilion dam and Mangshan climb high and look into the distance.

The water in the flower sea of the pavilion on Jiulong Pavilion mountain retreats a lot and many trees wither.

On July 6, after the rain, I came to Hanbao mountain to see the scenery of the Ming Tombs reservoir.

It rained again.

Fortunately, it stopped in a moment.

An S5 train from the Ming Tombs reservoir, with a layer of advection fog and jagged waves in the west mountain, drove from the direction of Miyun.

Across the riverside park, Changping City, Damei Changping, the connection on July 6: Damei Changping (please cross your mobile phone, the effect is better).

The Ming Tombs Reservoir on July 6, Changping city on July 9, and the connection between the reservoir on July 9 and the urban area on July 10 have turned more than half a circle, almost all week.

The beautiful scenery on the 10th is not enough, and the film shows the scenery of the whole week.

The clouds are changing, and the shooting angle is also changing.

The picture of the whole week is beautiful.

The mobile phone is taking pictures after a delay, and it is also taken in the picture.

Recently, I can’t go far away, and there is no place near, so I have to punch in at Hanbao mountain.

Although the scenic spot is the same, the scenery will change with different weather.

Ride a bike, exercise, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Make do with it…