Riding night statistician: heavy news detonates 3400 points at A-share station!

News 1.

A shares should enter a short-term shock stage.

For short-term adjustment, the recent rise rate is too fast.

According to the current pace, it will reach 3700 points in August.

I think it is not so fierce.

I think the high point may be around 3400-3500.

In addition, we can focus on the PMI on Thursday.

If the PMI improved better in June, the possibility of subsequent policy overweight is relatively small, and the index is easier to get out of the volatile market.

On the side of Hong Kong stocks, the company’s heart in Hong Kong stocks fell sharply today because of the major changes in the CEO’s personal plan.

See the figure for details Seriously, this is not an isolated case Now entrepreneurs are no longer charging, and more and more are beginning to pay attention to their personal lives A few days ago, Dongge sold shares to improve his life 2.

As the index position rose, funds began to pay attention to the relatively stagnant sectors in the early stage.

For example, in the chip industry, data show that over 5billion funds have been net inflows into chip ETFs (159995) in the past six months.

On the news side, there are also a lot of chip related news.

During the 2022 China Nansha international integrated circuit industry forum held recently, Zeng Qinghong, chairman of GAC group, mentioned in his speech that the negative effects of chip tension and other issues on the sustainable development of China’s automotive industry are becoming increasingly prominent.

Tianfeng Securities pointed out that automobile electrification + Intelligence drive the upgrading of the overall industrial value chain, and the automobile chip content + importance has doubled, which will usher in a revaluation opportunity of value growth.

According to the analysis of the agency, the semiconductor content of electric vehicles is about 2 times that of fuel vehicles and 8-10 times that of intelligent vehicles.

At the demand increment end, the world needs about 43.9 billion automotive chips in 2020, an increase of 128.5 billion in 2035.

At the value increment end, the value of automotive chips will be $33.9 billion in 2020 and $89.3 billion in 2035.

It can be seen that automotive chips are expected to become a new driving force leading the development of semiconductors.

In addition, Kechuang 50ETF (588000) is also an ETF with very high core content.

Moreover, with the gradual promotion of the market making system of the sci-tech innovation board, the liquidity of sci-tech innovation is expected to gradually improve.

As of June 23, 9 securities companies, including Huatai Securities, China Galaxy, Guosen Securities, Orient Securities, Founder Securities, Zheshang securities, Guojin securities, Soochow securities and CAITONG securities, have publicly expressed their intention to apply for the market making trading of stocks on the science and innovation board.

Therefore, the market is more likely to enter shock at present.

It can be considered to focus on the layout of some ETF varieties with relatively small early growth and good long-term development space, and there are some ETF varieties expected by future policies.

Among them, chip ETF (159995) and Kechuang 50ETF (588000) can be focused on.


The hottest thing on the disk today is the robot.

In early June 2022, musk said on twitter that the name of teslabot was changed to Optimus, and the 2022 artificial intelligence day will be postponed to September 30.

The market is expected to launch Optimus prototype at that time.

Tonight, there are various conference calls of institutions to discuss robots.

This topic has been completely ignited.

Brokers said that with the continuous maturity of humanoid robot technology, the number of available downstream scenarios will continue to increase, creating new demands, thus opening a new chapter in the era of big AI and bringing new and broad industrial chain opportunities.

Related companies: Hongya CNC, Easton, Huichuan technology.

The entire automobile sector that can not stop on the disk continues to be active.

Ankai bus has 5 connecting plates, Chang’an Automobile and Yaxing bus have increased their limits, and Dongfeng Motor has followed suit.

Chang’an Automobile, which had a turnover of more than 10billion yuan yesterday, was supposed to be adjusted today.

As a result, the market value exceeded 200billion yuan, a record high.

According to the trend of popular stocks in the past, when the turnover exceeds 10 billion yuan and the board is fried, the market often ends at the top.

For example, in the past, China Pharmaceutical and Jiu’An medical, but this time Chang’an automobile has come out.

It can only be said that the market of the automobile sector has exceeded expectations.

Today, the transaction volume of Chang’an automobile has again exceeded 10 billion yuan.

With such a large transaction volume, it is estimated that it will be high and sideways the day after tomorrow.

From the K-line shape, the whole vehicle has basically recovered the trend of the current round of decline from April to May.

The auto parts sector also continued to strengthen.

Songzhi shares won the eighth consecutive board, while the demon shares Jitai shares and Zhejiang Shibao also continued to open their continuous trading mode.

In terms of Jitai shares, the company recently announced that it plans to raise no more than 280million yuan for projects with an annual output of 20000 tons of vinyl silicone oil.

Is this the rhythm that the HNA Group has not yet come out and has to close in? Jitai Co., Ltd.

is definitely the star of this round of speculation.

This stock integrates many concepts.

Since June 10, this stock has emphasized the company’s organic silicon, photovoltaic and cooperation with BYD in institutional research, and its share price has tripled since then.

Zhejiang Shibao’s share price has also tripled since June.

Haiqi group hasn’t opened it yet.

Is it going to close two more? These high-level stocks were not affected by the intraday index decline, blocking the trading limit, which means that the mood is very good..