[riding law-abiding and cherishing life] look at these “willful” behaviors, and those who are still doing so will ring the alarm!

I don’t know if you have noticed that there are more and more such publicity boards and exhibition stands around recently? At present, there are more than 240000 e-bikes in our county, and E-bike drivers have become an important component of traffic safety.

However, the phenomenon of “willful” travel has been repeatedly prohibited, resulting in frequent traffic accidents.

As of September this year, 66.6% of the traffic fatalities in the county involved electric vehicles (two wheels and three wheels).

Some of your “bad habits” are likely to bring irreparable consequences.

Let’s see these accident graphs with the editor first, Are very “willful”!!! (running a red light) (driving in the opposite direction) Every “willfulness” is a gamble with our lives, ranging from injury to death.

So what are the “bad habits” that we need to get rid of?  1.

Don’t run red lights for many electric vehicles, red lights? What’s that? My world is exclusive.


Don’t ride randomly.

I really want to say to these electric car owners who drill everywhere: don’t do it again, life is not a trifle!  3.

Don’t occupy the motorway, like to cross the middle of the road and seize the passage of the car, but are you sure you can hit the car?  4.

The consequence of not speeding is that you don’t have to be hit by others.

It’s terrible to hit yourself!  5.

Without a canopy, in addition to bringing convenience, in case of an accident, it may take your life away.


Illegal manned electric vehicles can carry at most one more child under the age of 12.

Once overloaded, the control performance of electric vehicles will decline.


Do not drive in reverse.

Many people ride electric cars, but they are still a pedestrian’s heart.

There has never been the saying of retrograde in their dictionary.


Without safety helmet, the battery car is meat wrapped in iron, and the helmet is your last life-saving “weapon”.


If you don’t ride and watch your mobile phone for more than one second, your life will be more dangerous!!!  10.

Don’t ride, talk on the phone, talk on the phone, familiar, I don’t know the danger is getting closer and closer to you! Here, Xiaobian wants to tell Deqing traffic police, the driver of electric vehicles, that they will continue to crack down on the above behaviors.

Publicity and investigation will be carried out with both hands.

For your own safety, you will “be ruthless” to get rid of “bad habits”, refuse to “willful” travel, ride in accordance with the law, and cherish life! Wonderful review of Deqing public security’s “tiantuan” debut less than 3 months, but countless fans! What are these figures busy in the streets?..