It’s the first time to lock up and practice like this!

Seeing that many friends in the group said they were locked, there were many locked tutorials, but I think this article is really honest.

Personally, I suggest lowering the seat tube first, and then adjusting the unlocking force of the lock pedal to the loosest.

If you are mainly riding long-distance and urban areas, you can consider changing the quick unlocking piece, that is, the one that can come out by lifting the heel hard.

In addition, although there are steps to practice unilateral unlocking in this article, I personally suggest that you should develop the good habit of double unlocking as soon as the speed drops, because most of them are still riding in the urban area.

It is difficult to say what happens in front, back, left and right when you Park.

If only one foot comes out, it is still not safe.

Chameleon TF lock shoes can adjust the width, which is suitable for a variety of foot types.

First, the static exercise part: the static exercise is safer than the exercise in motion.

When you first touch the self-locking, it is recommended to be in the static first – this includes supporting the wardrobe table with your hand at home, or supporting the electric pole street lamp on the road, and so on.

Get familiar with and understand the basic use of self-locking, such as how to lock and unlock quickly.

This part is very simple, but the key point is that we must mentally simulate various possible situations, such as imagining that a large truck appears on the left, a passer-by suddenly passes through on the right, a battery car gallops behind, etc., to find a feeling of fear, and to find the rotation angle of the ankle in the process of repeatedly locking and unlocking.

On the other hand, at this stage, you need to practice unlocking in different positions.

Take the left foot as an example, you need to try unlocking when the left foot is in the front, last, top, bottom, etc., including but not limited to these four directions.

It needs to be practiced repeatedly.

In addition, the practice of multi-directional unlocking in the exercise part must also be added.

Note that in this stage, you should have adjusted the tightness of the self-locking pedal to an appropriate dimension.

My standard is to press the shoes in and out with moderate strength.

2、 Exercise part: after completing static exercise, turn to exercise.

This part is the key point.

Since you practice in sports, the first thing is to find a suitable place.

I chose a closed road for practice, because it is spacious and has no cars and pedestrians.

You can also use similar places, such as an empty basketball court or even a football field, which are good places.

Please pay attention to your own protection during exercise.

You can choose not to wear the helmet, if there is no flower platform next to you.

But you must wear gloves to avoid scratching your hands when you fall into the car.

You don’t need to mention knee and elbow pads.

On the other hand, pay attention to protect your ankles, because the soles of riding shoes are often thick.

If you fall on the side and don’t respond well, it is easy to sprain your ankles.

In addition, you need to bring an Allen wrench to facilitate you to adjust the tightness of the self-locking spring again after exercise.

3、 The exercise steps and methods of the exercise part are as follows (pay attention to the word “step”): 1.

Straight line static unlocking exercise: lock the pedal, ride forward, and then gradually slow down to 0 speed, and then order the car.

At this time, if you can control it, control the car to one side, if not, start to judge which side you will fall.

If you fall to the left, unlock the left foot to support the ground for stability, and vice versa.

Chameleon TF lock shoes can adjust the width, which is suitable for a variety of foot types.


Quick acceleration and deceleration unlocking practice: lock the pedal and ride forward.

You can shake the car to achieve a certain, relatively high speed in a short time, and then brake quickly and vigorously.

You can try to lock the rear wheel to create an artificial out of control situation, and quickly unlock and support according to the direction of car dumping.


Unlocking practice of left and right large turning: lock the pedal, ride forward, pinch the brake to turn left or right, make the vehicle out of control under artificial control, and quickly unlock and support the vehicle according to the direction of dumping.


Standing pedal unlocking practice: lock the pedal and ride forward.

At this time, stand pedal and shake the car.

Brake sharply at medium speed, unlock according to the direction of car dumping, and support.

Be careful not to touch the cushion during this process.


Eyes closed fear unlocking practice: lock the pedal, ride forward, ride with eyes closed at low speed, fantasize about dangerous situations – fantasize as real as possible, and make yourself feel numb on the scalp – slow down, unlock quickly according to the direction of the car dumping, and support.


Experience exercise of lifting the rear wheel: try to lift the rear wheel with locking shoes, and use this method to feel the integration of people and vehicles brought by locking shoes.

This is more entertaining, and pay attention to the power of lifting the rear wheel.

When you finish the above exercises repeatedly and smoothly (I was walking around the area about the size of the basketball court for 5 kilometers), adjust the elastic screw of your self-locking pedal again to find the best strength for yourself.

Chameleon TF lock shoes can adjust the width, which is suitable for a variety of foot types.

Fourth, the aftermath of unlocking – support leg exercise: the focus of this part is how to arrange your support legs.

Therefore, combined with the multi-directional unlocking exercise mentioned in the first part, you also need to add the support leg exercise in the exercise part, which is composed of two parts: 1.

Large step support exercise: that is, after unlocking, take a large step to the tipping side to support the vehicle and prevent yourself from falling down.


Small step support practice: different from the large step support practice, the small step support practice is to take a small step forward to support the vehicle and prevent yourself from falling after unlocking.

5、 Summary of the mistakes that novices are prone to make in the part of sports practice: 1.

Left and right judgment errors: this error mainly occurs in the quick acceleration and deceleration unlocking practice and the eye closing fear unlocking practice.

Because of the existence of out of control, affected by internal tension, novices often make the mistake of obviously falling to the left, but unlocking the right first..