Riding is learned. Stop pedaling and walk

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Cycling can strengthen the body.

It is a kind of sports fashion, which can exercise the muscles of lower limbs, increase the coordination of human body, effectively delay aging, enhance the function of heart and blood vessels, and enhance cardiopulmonary function.

Cycling tests physical strength and will, enjoys the natural beauty and makes many friends.

Any excessive exercise is not a good thing, but the harm of excessive riding has rarely attracted people’s attention.

They even mistakenly believe that the faster the better, the more the better.

Riding too much is harmful.

Riding should be appropriate.

You should learn to protect yourself.

Exercise according to your ability and step by step.

Intense exercise for a long time may make people feel no pain during exercise, especially losing the precursor symptoms of heart attack.

Immune lymphocytes can also cause immune dysfunction due to the excited state of exercise.

Riding will make people excited and stimulate people’s mentality of not wanting to fall behind.

Once they fall behind in riding, they will rush to catch up.

In addition to increasing the risk coefficient, sudden and continuous force will cause serious consequences, cause malignant arrhythmia and easily lead to sudden death.

Moderate exercise can improve the blood pumping capacity of the heart.

Excessive exercise for a long time will speed up the heartbeat, increase the blood pressure and greatly increase the risk of cerebrovascular disease attack in the exercise center.

Cycling is originally aerobic exercise.

When it is excessive, it will be too tired to breathe, and aerobic exercise will also become sports injury.

Warm up or preparatory activities must be done before riding.

The best time should be 5 ~ 10 minutes, and the riding speed will gradually change from slow to fast.

Pay attention to the supplement of water during exercise.

Water is very important to maintain blood circulation and reduce fatigue caused by water loss.

After lunch, you should pay attention to rest.

After dinner, a lot of blood will maintain the digestive system.

At this time, cycling will lead to insufficient blood supply.

When riding, you feel powerless, which is also a kind of harm to your health.

Rest for half an hour after dinner is the most scientific.

Excessive riding leads to physical fatigue.

Fatigue riding, like fatigue driving, will reduce judgment ability, slow response, unable to concentrate, reduce strain ability, produce unsafe factors and be prone to traffic accidents.

Therefore, proper riding and necessary rest are the guarantee of riding distance and speed.

Moderate exercise depends on your physical condition and current state.

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