A complete collection of riding knowledge, which contains the most complete riding knowledge

In recent years, cycling tourism has become a fashion, and more and more urban people have joined this ranks.

What is the reason for everyone to invest so much? Because it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it not only saves money, fitness, but also environmental protection and stimulation.

Along the way, you can stop and go as you like.

You can do whatever you want without any restrictions.

It’s both free and convenient.

On the way, you can not only visit scenic spots and historic sites, famous mountains and rivers, investigate terrain, human climate and local customs, but also stay in the middle of pollution-free nature, taste delicious dishes and eat pure green fruits and vegetables.

The principle of cycling is basically the same as that of any other sport.

It is one of the best instruments to overcome heart and blood vessel diseases and enhance the function of heart and blood vessels.

The most prominent advantage is that compared with other sports, such as running and mountain climbing, it is more peaceful, easy to last, and can adapt to a wider range of people.

However, it has a high insecurity factor, resulting in sports physical discomfort and pain, and even the possibility of disease.

There are more parts and types of pain than other sports.

Therefore, the more you know about long-distance travel by bike, the more extensive it is, the better, so as to develop its strengths and avoid its weaknesses, so as to give full play to its best sports effect.

These knowledge can be elaborated from seven aspects.

That is, the purchase of bicycles, the basic functions of bicycles, the use, maintenance and repair of bicycles, the common sense and basic riding skills of cycling, the equipment of bicycle travel, the accommodation during travel and the composition of cycling team.

The first problem is the purchase of bicycles.

When traveling by bicycle, it is most important to have a light, sensitive and reliable bicycle.

A bicycle that can adapt to various road conditions can make the journey easier, comfortable and safe.

Therefore, before purchasing, we should be fully prepared and have a more comprehensive understanding of bicycles.

Because bicycles are a commodity with high prices, especially for working-class people, we should be more cautious.

It is best to buy a car that we will never regret at one time.

1、 Classification of bicycles: bicycles can be divided into two categories: domestic bicycles and sports bicycles.


Domestic bicycles can be divided into men’s and women’s, calibrated and weighted.

In terms of size, they can also be divided into 28 types, 26 types, 24 types and 20 types.


According to different functions, sports bicycles can be roughly divided into mountain bikes, road bikes, skill bikes and so on.

Mountain bikes are divided into general mountain bikes, off-road vehicles, climbing vehicles and downhill vehicles.

Among many kinds of bicycles, the most suitable bicycles for long-distance travel are general mountain bikes, SUVs or special bicycles for travel.

2、 Structure of bicycle: no matter what kind of bicycle, it is composed of four systems.

They are transmission system, braking system, steering system and auxiliary system.

All parts of these four systems are completely attached to the main frame.

The first three systems will be specifically discussed in the next section.

Here we only talk about auxiliary systems.

The auxiliary system includes car frame, rear clothes rack, kettle and kettle rack, lamp, fender, auxiliary handle, code meter, car lock and bell, etc.

The back coat hanger and kettle are necessary accessories for long-distance cycling, followed by fender, auxiliary handle and code watch.

Other accessories can be selected according to needs and hobbies.

3、 How to buy a bicycle: 1.

There are two basic principles of buying a car, one is personal economic status, the other is your hobbies.

A good bicycle will show its excellent characteristics in the process of long-distance travel.

If it is a short trip and the road is relatively flat, you can easily complete the whole journey as long as you have an ordinary bicycle of type 28 or 26.

The terrain in long-distance travel is very complex.

From the road surface, there are oil roads, cement roads and gravel roads.

From the terrain, there are plains, hills and mountains.

Therefore, in order to adapt to these complex terrain, we should choose a high-grade mountain bike or off-road vehicle according to our own economic conditions.

The higher the grade of the car, the more outstanding the excellent characteristics.


The difference of bicycle grade: the grade of bicycle can be reflected in every part of the car.

Here are three main parts.

A frame.

Durability is the basic requirement for the frame.

At present, the materials used for bicycle frames in the market are mainly steel, aluminum alloy and titanium metal carbon fiber.

The advantage of steel is that the strength, toughness and shock absorption effect are very good, and the price is low.

The disadvantage is that it is too heavy and the surface is easy to rust.

The main advantages of aluminum alloy are light, not easy to rust and moderate price.

The disadvantage is that the material characteristics are relatively brittle and the damping effect is poor.

Titanium alloy and carbon fiber have the advantages of tenacity, lightness, good strength and shock absorption effect, but the disadvantage is that they are expensive.

Two axes.

Here we refer to the assembly shaft, which includes shaft rod, steel ball, bowl, shaft stop and other parts.

There are differences between ordinary shaft, sealed shaft and bearing shaft.

Of course, sealed bearing shaft is the best.

It is durable, sensitive and light, with low maintenance rate and long maintenance cycle.

Third, shock absorption.

The shock absorber (shock absorber) is divided into front and rear groups to reduce the impact of different roads on the front and rear wheels and improve the riding comfort.

But it will inevitably lose some riding efficiency, especially the rear shock absorption, which is particularly obvious.

Considering that long-distance travel is mainly on the road, only the front shock absorption is enough.

The types are resistance glue, air pressure and hydraulic pressure.

The best is “hydraulic shock absorber”.


Size of bicycle.

There are two sizes, one is the size of the frame, and the other is the size to be adjusted according to the individual’s body.

One is the size of the frame.

The frame of a general mountain bike has three dimensions: 16, 18 and 21 inches..