Riding is a guided but uncontrollable sport

Similarly, under the pressure of living environment, many European countries have long advocated cycling as a convenient, environmentally friendly and congestion relieving way of travel.

Britain established “cycling England” and invested £ 1 billion to promote bicycles; Sweden has formulated a 20-year action plan for bicycle development; Denmark has built more than 10000 kilometers of bicycle lanes.

People’s bicycles can not only ride on trains, subways, ships and planes.

What about the development of bicycles in China? China has a huge base of cyclists, unimaginable lane widths (although often occupied) in foreign countries, heinous traffic congestion and air pollution.

In short, China has all the external environment needed for the development of cycling.

Moreover, with the improvement of living standards, sports fitness model, natural environmental protection model and fashion style model have also become the internal spiritual pursuit of sports cycling enthusiasts.

The tide of cycling in China has also become unstoppable.

Cycling has become a social movement that can be guided but can not be controlled! The above pictures and texts come from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

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