Riding irregularly — a painful case (video)

“Two cars” accident warning education film “life is fragile and the accident is fierce.

Every traffic accident involves several families suffering and dying.

Driving safety lies not only in technology and experience, but also in respecting rules and respecting life.

Life and death are only a matter of one thought.

Remember, at the other end of the road, your family is waiting! Reviewed and supervised by: Zhang Guochao produced by: Feng Qingfang manuscript source: Changde traffic police produced by: Tengzhou traffic police financial media center ● looking back on 2021 and looking forward to 2022, Tengzhou public security traffic police this year! ● log in to the “traffic control 12123” app and handle the vehicle management business easily without leaving home! ● [key focus] up to 6 points can be reduced.

Tengzhou’s “learning method to reduce points” is coming.

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