Riding fashion – spidi protective denim pants

Whether it’s driving, riding, commuting or leisure, no matter where you go, spidi jeans are your wise choice to ensure safety and more comfortable and fashionable to wear.

Our denim jeans can be used in any scene and can freely switch identities, from leisure fashion guru to Hippie motorcycle rider.

In 1977, Renato dalagrana was founded in Montebello, Italy.

Spidi is a world leader in motorcycle clothing and accessories.

Spidi’s mission is a firm commitment to improving the motorcycle driving experience.

In the past, the success of the product depended on its ability to meet the needs of passengers; Road safety, weatherproof, perfect fit.

Today, motorcyclists have higher expectations.

Spidi has injected creativity, evolved and developed classic and forward-looking designs, which can be worn when cycling or at ordinary times.

Spidi is not only the leader of the current cycling protective equipment brand on gloves, but also the first company to invent a built-in protective equipment in jeans, so that the majority of cycling enthusiasts can enjoy the happiness of safe riding with a higher appearance.

The riding equipment is too rigid.

We make it more comfortable and fashionable.

At the same time, we can bring professional protection.

There are many styles and colors for you to choose.

A wonderful review of riding in Nan’ao Island.

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