Riding electric vehicles with helmets is safe

For electric vehicle riders, the safety helmet is like the safety belt on the motor vehicle, which is a key link related to their life safety.

However, in daily life, there are still some riders who use the helmet as a decoration for one reason or another and would rather hang it on the car than wear it on their head.

Today’s traffic police said that we should pay attention to this problem.

As the first TV program of traffic safety in our province, urban traffic light is a daily traffic news program jointly launched by Wenzhou Public Security Traffic Police and Wenzhou TV urban life channel.

The column produces on-site news in the form of the traffic police host on the road to correct traffic violations.

Through examples, the traffic participants are educated, so as to improve the civilized traffic awareness of Wenzhou citizens.

The relaxed and humorous attitude and peaceful civilian perspective of the traffic police host are deeply loved by the general public.

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