Ride to unlock BC treasure Town: meet rare wild horses on the road and play at the antique auto show

(reported by gaxi.

Com) on the long weekend of May, we chose the inland “summer land” for a three-day trip.

Previous inland trips mostly ended in “peach land”, and never stopped in Summerland.

This time, I really found that Summerland is also a treasure Town: along the Okanagan lake, it is located in the middle of peaceland and pentiton, about 20 kilometers away from each other.

Summerland is really a “summer paradise”.

Although BC Province has experienced abnormal low temperature this spring, as long as the temperature goes up, it will soar to 20 degrees on Sunday, just riding the famous kvr (kettle Valley rail trail).

In the morning, ride along kvr from troutcreek trestle in Summerland to Penticton.

After a 10 kilometer journey, you can see the light of the lake at your feet and the mountains in the distance.

You’ll arrive before you have a good time.

Reminder: this single lane is very rough and there are many stones.

Pay attention to safety.

He had a burst of character and met a group of horses without a master.

These horses will avoid people and run up the mountain by themselves.

I thought it was a horse that the stocking Club recognized to go home.

After inquiring, I found out that it was a wild horse on the local mountain.

I heard for the first time that there are wild horses in BC Province.

It is said that this road may encounter a bear.

This time, there are many animal Babas.

After riding the car to catch the steam train trip (kvsr) at 1:30 p.m.

Kvsr is a tour train still operating on the only remaining section of kettlevalley railway.

It still provides a complete set of train services in the past, such as checking train tickets.

A 90 minute drive from prairie Valley Railway Station in Summerland, from Faulder to troutcreek, through scenic spots, orchards and vineyards, and across the 73 meter (238 foot) trestle of trout Creek.

On the train, the old train staff gave countless names to the camels, cattle and horses on the farm along the road, which is very interesting.

It is said that there are some special activities from spring to autumn every year, such as “train robbery” and “Christmas express”.

It is estimated that it is still early and we have not encountered these activities.

It can only be said that people traveling inland and are very unrestrained.

No one really wears masks.

So let’s do the same.

In the afternoon, I drove to peachland, “World antique auto show” held by the town “, many antique cars are hung with California cards.

I feel that the inland antique auto show is more novel and wild than Wencun.

A motorcyclist sprays a burst of smoke in the street, and the heavy smoke even sprays into the restaurant facing the street.

After dozens of seconds, he rubs the tire on the ground to make a smiling face, which leads to a burst of cheers.

The two Spice Girls immediately fell down in the smiling face in the middle of the street to show their worship! Within a few minutes, an old car owner refused to obey , another puff of smoke, a black mark in place, crushed the smiling face.

The original car can play like this! The antique auto show is not only a collection, but also someone is really playing.

A good car is split in half and turned into a trailer.

My favorite is these lovely cars.

Finally, let’s talk about Summerland’s food and accommodation: this time in Boing Com ordered dogwood B & B.

Because of the epidemic, you can only enjoy a rich breakfast in your room or on the balcony at the door, but the private access space, the tall blue spruce trees in the garden, watching the sunrise on the balcony in the morning and listening to the traces of all kinds of birds in the air are very comfortable.

For the first time, I saw pink spruce and purplish red flower balls.

Zias Stonehouse is the first restaurant in Summerland town.

This beautiful stone house was built in 1916 and is now designated as an architectural heritage.

It is said that the stone wall is 18 inches thick.

It’s really delicious to enjoy this large plate of scallops in this heritage house! These inland towns in BC Province are really different from Dawen village! ‍。.