Riding class | how to brake & turn safely

The riding class has changed from a knight to a real expert.

Recently, the prevention and control in Zhejiang has been upgraded.

According to the national epidemic prevention requirements, the residents of the whole city have reduced going out, implemented the principle of not getting together, not gathering, and strengthened personal protection.

The club activity is still postponed.

During this period, you can learn more about cycling with our cycling class.

Whether you ride outdoors on weekends or commute on weekdays, I hope full of dry goods can not only help you improve your riding ability, but also avoid injury and ride scientifically.

This issue will introduce how to brake and turn.

How to brake: move your body backward and keep the pedals on both sides equal in height.

In the city, the endless streets often encounter emergencies.

At this time, the necessary emergency braking may be a life-saving technology in case of emergency, so that you can avoid bruises, contusions, fractures and even more serious consequences.

Move back.

When you see an emergency ahead, move your hips back as soon as possible, surpass the cushion and maintain a low posture.

In this way, the center of gravity will be downward, increasing the friction between the rear wheel and the ground to avoid falling.

The pedals on both sides are equal in height.

In this way, the center of gravity will not be biased to one side and will not lose control because the pedal rubs against the ground.

Brake the front wheel hard and lower the rear wheel gently.

When braking the front wheel, the force is stronger than usual.

The correct braking force ratio is: 2 / 3 of the front wheel and 1 / 3 of the rear wheel; Half on rainy days.

Be sure to practice more before you become proficient.

Be ready to get out of trouble.

Look for directions or parking spots that can avoid danger and focus on moving there.

Your car will naturally move with your eyes.

Don’t always try to avoid obstacles.

How to turn? Excellent turning skills can make you ride faster without much effort, and make you ride safer and less likely to fall.

Turning technique: move your hips back and press the outer pedal hard.

Keep your weight low and your back as parallel to the upper tube as possible.

Move your hips back.

The hips should sit slightly behind the cushion, with the back flattened and parallel to the upper pipe of the car as far as possible.

The inner pedal is on the.

If it is a right turn, lift the right pedal to the 12 o’clock position, straighten the left leg, step on the pedal at the 6 o’clock position, lean the right knee to the right when turning, and lower the body’s center of gravity to increase stability.

When turning at high speed, the right shoulder and even the head should lean slightly to the right.

Put one finger on the brake lever at any time.

Be ready to brake slightly at any time.

Don’t buckle the brake lever hard, which may slip.

Enter the curve from the outside and then cut in.

Adjust the speed 3 meters before the curve to the speed you are sure to control.

Ride to the outside of the straight lane before turning, and then cut into the top of the curve in an arc.

(if you turn from the inner lane, you may finally hit the outer guardrail.) The whole process should be: outside, inside and outside.

Instead of turning along the curve, let the car create a turning curve, and then adjust the body’s center of gravity so that the knees are slightly inclined to the turning direction.

Press the outer pedal firmly.

The tighter the pedal outside the curve is pressed, the greater the friction.

Press your body weight on the outer pedal and press it firmly.

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