How much do you know about riding skill?

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Appropriately increase the stepping frequency and select the gear ratio suitable for your own strength.

If you can’t step on it, don’t bother to step on it.

Quickly switch to a lower gear ratio, appropriately increase the stepping frequency and control the stepping frequency within the range suitable for yourself.

For example, the stepping frequency of novices can be maintained at about 80-90, and experienced riders can control the stepping frequency at about 100-110.

Adjust the gear ratio at any time according to the road conditions.

For example, the gear ratio can be appropriately reduced against the wind and uphill to make stepping easier, and the gear ratio can be appropriately increased downhill or downwind to make stepping more efficient.

In a word, find your own step frequency rhythm.


Accelerate in advance before going uphill.

When using speed to rush uphill, increase the speed and do a good job in accelerating before going uphill.

Store kinetic energy while increasing speed.

With the help of inertia, you can climb the slope more easily and smoothly.


After going uphill, if the speed decreases, you should back off in advance.

If the slope is very steep or the slope is very long, and you can’t complete the whole slope with one gear, you should switch to a lighter gear in advance when you feel that you are about to lose power or the speed decreases, so as to maintain a light stepping frequency.

Don’t wait until you can’t step on it before shifting.

It will be hard to tread with heavy gear brute force, and brute force is easy to hurt the knee.


Use a little force when going downhill.

You can use a lot less force on a flat road.

You can ride a bicycle downhill and slide without force.

If you exert a little force on the downhill, the speed will be faster, the time to reach the destination will be shortened, and you can use a lot less energy on the flat road! 05.

It’s best to find teammates with similar physical strength.

When riding and forming a team, it’s best to find teammates with similar physical strength, otherwise you won’t have a good time.

Don’t rule out those riders who may explode you at any time.

Go first and leave you alone to ride slowly in the back! Find a teammate with similar physical strength to ride a bike together.

Even if he falls behind, he can keep up with him.

If someone breaks the wind for you, you can still save a lot of physical strength.


Find a reliable teammate.

When riding, find a reliable teammate.

You can take care of each other during riding, break the wind in turn and save physical strength.

Find a teammate who is used to gestures, because gestures are very important when riding.

When the team goes out, it is impossible to shout one by one, but only by gestures.

Sometimes a gesture can avoid some potential dangers.

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