Riding an electric bicycle without a helmet and running a red light, where is your safety!

Recently, a traffic accident caused by an electric bicycle running a red light occurred at the intersection of Bo’ai road and Bo Cheng Road in Boye County, resulting in the electric bicycle driver Xiao Moumou falling to the ground and injured.

At 13:02 on April 23, when Xiao drove an electric bicycle to the intersection of Bo’ai road and bo’cheng road from north to south along the bo’cheng route, the traffic signal was red.

Xiao ignored the signal and went straight through the intersection.

At this time, the driver Zhang drove a minivan to extend the green light from west to east along the Boai route through the intersection and collided with Xiao, the driver of electric bicycle in the middle of the intersection.

The electric bicycle was hit and flew on the spot, and some electric vehicle fragments even flew more than ten meters away.

Xiao was injured and the two vehicles were damaged to varying degrees.

When the traffic police arrived at the scene, the electric bicycle driver Xiao Moumou did not wear a safety helmet and was injured and sent to the hospital for treatment.

When Xiao was driving an electric bicycle on the road, he didn’t pass according to the traffic signal and didn’t wear a safety helmet, which was the main cause of the accident.

He was mainly responsible for the accident.

Zhang, the driver of a small truck, took improper measures and was secondary responsible for the accident.

The traffic police have said that when driving a non motor vehicle, they should also remember the driving rules of “stop at the red light, go at the green light, wait when the yellow light is on”, drive in the specified lane and consciously abide by the traffic rules.

In addition, when driving electric bicycles and motorcycles, you must wear safety helmets, remember that “helmets are a protective treasure, wear them when you go out”, strengthen the awareness of traffic accident prevention, travel safely and civilized, and your life can’t come back again!..