In Mercedes Benz, ride, feel the sound of nature, and make a trip that will let you once and for all.

As the domestic economic level continues to rise to a new level, people’s pursuit of quality of life is higher and higher, especially for the majority of high net worth people, all aspects should pay attention to quality.

In this context, Yao travel, which is committed to meeting people’s high-quality travel needs, came into being.

This high-end travel platform with the reputation of “travel service ceiling” is winning the recognition of more and more users with its unique high-quality service.

Yao LV adheres to the service concept of “one phase and one meeting”, which aims to treat every service as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and make users feel meticulous care with perfect service.

Yaoxing has the largest Mercedes Benz fleet in China, covering Mercedes Benz V-Class, Mercedes Benz E-class, Mercedes Benz S-class and Mercedes Benz Gaoding commercial vehicles.

It is endorsed by the powerful “hardware” of Mercedes Benz to ensure the user’s travel experience.

Moreover, Yao travel has strict control over employees, and every “travel housekeeper” has to go through strict callback, training and assessment procedures.

They are one in a million.

They have won the trust and recognition of users with excellent professional quality.

An excellent travel platform must not be limited to the most basic “traffic” functions, but should be good at seeking “heart to heart” with users and bring users “heart to heart” service experience.

Yao pays great attention to details, thoroughly cleans every operating vehicle, and provides users with items that may be needed during the journey, such as eye masks, blankets, slippers, even drinking water and snacks, so as to truly think and give users what they want.

In order to further meet the user experience, Yaoxing also made an “article” on car music.

Recently, Yao Chuxing joined hands with mango music station, young violinist and cheling technology to create a USB – “Yao” music box, which brought a big surprise to classical music lovers.

Yao music box has rich high-quality classical music resources, including 120 world-famous classical songs such as Scottish Fantasia, Romeo and Juliet, marine pianist, Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No.

2 in C minor, Bach: Brandenburg Concerto, Vivaldi: four seasons, 0103010, 0103010 and 0103010.

Each capital “Yao” music box has the legal authorization of the music copyright association and the legal copyright of ISBN.

Moreover, the music resources are the most real.

They are all collected from the first master band, bypassing the data transmission loss, reducing distortion and restoring the original sound source to the greatest extent.

In order to better adapt to the interior sound field environment, “Yao” music box optimizes the sound source specifically for the interior environment and space, so that the listener can feel the immersive auditory feast.

Music is an indispensable spiritual food.

Music can express emotion, bring strength and warm every journey of life.

“Yao” music box is a gift tailored for tasters.

Listening to the sounds of nature while feeling the ultimate ride experience of Mercedes Benz luxury car must be a different kind of luxury experience! All this can be easily achieved as long as you make an appointment to travel…