Ride zhanggongdi and enjoy the convenience of sports at home

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Thank you for your support! Source: Changjiang Daily, Changjiang Daily, Wuhan, May 25 (reporter Zhang Lin) the next day, facing the warm breeze, the reporter rode in the shade and shadow of flowers of zhanggongdi greenway to exercise, relax, cross back and forth between history and reality, and linger and forget to return.

At about 10 am, we started from yuhualing community in Jiang’an District next to zhanggongdi greenway and ended at zhuyehai Park in Qiaokou District, with a total length of about 15 kilometers.

This length is not long or short for beginners, and the strength is just right.

Yao Gang, a staff member of Wuhan trek bicycle team who led the team, said that now is the most suitable season for cycling in Wuhan.

“In recent years, the fitness facilities in Wuhan have spread all over the three towns.

The greenway suitable for cycling not only covers the beaches on the four banks of the two rivers, but also runs through the central urban areas such as Hankou and Wuchang, and greenways are also built in Jiangxia, Dongxihu and other places.” Zhanggongdi greenway is flat and wide, which saves energy when riding.

The most favorable point for riders is that motor vehicles are banned in the whole process, which gives people a full sense of security, so that people can focus on riding and enjoy the joy of riding.

Soon after riding along the embankment, I saw a number of blockhouse ruins.

From the cultural relics monument next to the site, it is learned that most of these blockhouses were left over during the Anti Japanese War and have become municipal protected cultural relics at present.

The ruins of blockhouses are scattered along the whole Zhanggong dike, and now they have become the punching point for tourists.

Zhanggongdi is like a necklace, which connects the communities, parks and fitness facilities along the way.

After riding for a while, you can see that there are basketball courts, roller skating courts and community fitness equipment under the embankment.

Many citizens are exercising there.

More than ten kilometers later, the party rode to the east gate of the Expo Park.

The landscape of the Expo Garden has its own atmosphere.

The vegetation in the garden is flexible.

The pavilions, pavilions and cornices are full of poetry.

In the East Gate area, those folk houses with emblem style riding walls and buildings imitating laohankou in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China are also very suitable for group photos.

After a short stay, we continued our journey.

It is worth mentioning that since the greenway of zhanggongdi has not been fully connected, we left zhanggongdi and began to move along Yuanbo Avenue from here.

Although special bicycle lanes are built on the roadside of this section of the road, compared with the riding on zhanggongdi in the first half, this section of the road needs to pay attention to traffic lights and passing vehicles from time to time.

At about 12 o’clock, we arrived at zhuyehai Park smoothly.

It is also one of the places where the Internet is popular.

In winter, the plum trees and plum blossoms here can always attract a large number of tourists.

At this time, although it is not the season to watch plum blossoms, it is full of green grass and green.

Set up a tent in the shade of the tree, take out drinks and fruits, and after riding for more than ten kilometers, feel the comfort and smoothness of camping in the beautiful park.

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