Ride night statistician: the CSRC sends a message to release important information!

News 1.

Today, Jinke service collapsed on the Hong Kong stock market because the company announced that the property company would lend 1.5 billion to major shareholders…

The market felt that this money was borrowed out as meat buns and dogs.

Now the market feels that the property company is really in trouble.

There was Evergrande property before, and the existing Jinke service.

The major shareholders regard the property company as a cash machine.

Today’s A-share is OK.

The beggars’ sect’s big fall on Friday night did not bring today’s A-share continued to fall, and the strength of the Hong Kong stock index was also better than expected.

Anyway, the A-share market continues to fluctuate.

It is unrealistic to expect A-share to have any big market now, but the probability of rapid decline in the short term is also very low.


On August 1, Xiamen Tongan shell station, the first integrated charging and replacement station cooperated by Weilai and shell, was officially put into operation.

There is a second generation power station and two 180kW overcharged piles in the station.

At the same time, the cooperation between Weilai and shell in the field of electric vehicle energy was officially opened.

In terms of power station replacement, in China, the two sides plan to jointly build 100 power stations by 2025; In Europe, the two sides plan to carry out the construction and operation pilot work of the replacement power station from 2022.

In terms of charging facilities, shell’s European charging network will be open to Weilai users.

From July 26 to 29, the working meeting of the drafting group of the national pure electric commercial vehicle and pure electric passenger vehicle replacement standard was held in Xiamen.

More than 160 experts and engineers from more than 40 relevant institutions and enterprises, including automobile OEMs, power batteries, replacement power station construction and operation, parts and components, from the National Automobile Standard Committee discussed the industry standard schemes such as the interchangeability of electric commercial vehicles and electric passenger vehicles’ on-board replacement system by combining online and offline methods.

Liuguibin, the attending expert and chief engineer of the Standards Institute of China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd., said: “the standardization of power exchange has tight working hours, heavy tasks and urgent industry needs.

We hope to reach a consensus through the joint efforts of relevant units, promote the implementation of power exchange standards, and promote the standardized and healthy development of the electric vehicle power exchange industry.” CICC research report believes that the rapid expansion of the number of new energy vehicles highlights the post cycle and infrastructure attributes of power replacement.

The prosperity of the industrial chain indicates that the high growth stage of the track is coming: from the perspective of industrial chain transmission, the power exchange network needs to be built in advance, and the equipment manufacturers, as the upstream of the industry, have high certainty.

Power exchange equipment manufacturers are expected to take the lead in benefiting from the rise of the power exchange industry, and enterprises with customer resource advantages and technology accumulation are expected to obtain excess returns.

Related companies: Shandong Weida and Shuangjie electric on March and August 1, the Asian Football Association officially announced that the 2026 US Canada Mexico world cup, which will be expanded to 48 teams, will have 8.5 places in the Asian Football League area, including 6 through places and 2.5 play offs places.

The 2026 World Cup will be co hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico.

According to the resolution adopted by the FIFA General Assembly on May 9, 2017, the number of teams participating in the World Cup finals week will be expanded to 48 for the first time in history.

After the expansion, I feel that the national football team still can’t enter the World Cup…

The robot concept on the disk lifted the rising tide, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets opened low.

After the inertia retreated, it rebounded to find the support of the 60 day line.

The growth enterprise market is stronger under the sharp rise of ningwang! Today, the lithium battery and vehicle sector performed well again.

Stimulated by the extension of new energy vehicle exemption from purchase tax and the promotion of vehicle consumption by the national standing committee, the new energy vehicle sector rose! From this period of time, the adjustment of the new energy vehicle sector is also relatively large.

Today, the new energy vehicle sector has returned to near the annual line.

The performance of traditional heavyweight sectors such as banks and real estate was sluggish.

The auto parts and vehicle sector were separated, and the parts rose relatively large before.

Today, with the sharp decline of Tuopu and Lizhong group in the integration, the correction of the whole sector is relatively large.

On the contrary, institutional stocks represented by Chang’an Automobile took the lead in rising the limit.

Today, the chairman of the CSRC said that at the important juncture of the current economic restructuring, it is more necessary to play the role of the capital market, promote the coordinated development of direct financing and indirect financing, guide more savings to gather in emerging industries, and simultaneously promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Important stocks such as Tencent precision, Yiwei lithium energy and Aier ophthalmology rose sharply.

Therefore, in the short term, it can be seen that funds are still switching between high and low, but also in the high boom track.

Guide savings to gather in emerging industries, and continue to comprehensively deepen the reform of the capital market by taking the reform of the registration system as an opportunity; It is a rule that the stock market rises and falls.

It is not suitable to intervene in normal fluctuations, but non intervention is not laissez faire.

We must adhere to the bottom line thinking and resolutely prevent abnormal fluctuations caused by market failure.

I just cut off a paragraph.

You can check it online.

In general, it means that the continuous source of living water in the market has boosted market confidence and strengthened investors’ expectations for the future slow bull market.

Market funds are still trading around local hot spots.

The robot sector is hot, and it is getting closer and closer to the release of the humanoid robot announced by musk.

10 related concept stocks surged to the daily limit, while Baoxin technology, which led the rise, rose to a new high, and Mingzhi electric appliance achieved five consecutive boards in the session.

Before musk released the humanoid machine on September 30, this concept will have infinite imagination, and relevant news will be released later.

This theme has been highlighted separately before.

However, for the time being, there is no obvious fixed tap in this wave, and the continuous board stocks are leading the rise in exchange..