Real thoughts in my heart after two years of cycling

I don’t know if you have an illusion that the more you ride, the braver you are, but the younger you are, the more you feel flustered from time to time.

What makes me flustered after riding? Let’s have a look.

Welcome to sit in the right seat.

Panic if you don’t ride for a day.

Everyone knows that cycling is a very stressful thing.

For two years, if you don’t ride for a day, you feel like you’re missing something, nothing’s right, and inexplicably upset Eating is not delicious, sleeping is not real, and the mood is not very good.

I always feel that my life is confused, not full at all, uncomfortable all over, and exhausted without doing anything.

Anyway, it’s just two words: uncomfortable! But all these symptoms, as long as you go out and ride for a few rounds, can be solved immediately.

You are in a good mood, which is better than taking any medicine.

I panic when I talk about my wallet.

I’m occasionally short of money before I ride my bike! After cycling for two years, I’m short of money for a long time! Lead the car into the door and buy necessary equipment: helmet, riding clothes, gloves, riding glasses, lights, shoes, riding socks, code watch And so on.

The registration fee, accommodation fee and transportation fee for participating in the competition basically cost a lot every year.

Most of the shopping carts are all kinds of riding equipment, so wait for the black bean mall to rush to buy at a discount.

In this way, the wallet is getting thinner and thinner day by day.

At first, I thought cycling to exercise can also save the fare, and I can benefit from a proper investment for life! Suddenly turn around and find out, have you saved money? As soon as I talk about my grades, I panic.

When I just ride a bike, when the average speed reaches 30km/h, I want to let everyone in my circle of friends know.

Cycling for two years, in principle, should be able to ride faster! The man who originally didn’t ride a bike, because he saw himself riding the road, also followed on the road.

At the beginning, he also took him to practice with him, taught him experience, and told him how to improve the pace.

As a result, it took less than three months for someone else to blow you up, and even his tail light could not be seen.

Sometimes I don’t ride as fast as girls.

I usually go to bed at o’clock.

In order to ride more in the morning, I went to brush circles at five o’clock and was crushed.

Hey, don’t say it, it’s tears if I say too much! Talking about weight makes me panic.

Many cyclists fall into the pit of cycling in order to lose weight, but in the end, they find that cycling is not getting thinner, but getting fatter and fatter.

Before cycling, pay attention to energy intake every day and be afraid of every 0.1kg of weight increase! After cycling, “anyway, it will be consumed if you ride two more rounds”, “if you don’t have enough to eat, you won’t have the strength to ride!” With this mentality, Hu eats and drinks, and his weight grows up when he is not careful! I ride my bike to get thinner! As soon as you talk about your emotions, you panic, “there are many beautiful girls who ride bicycles.

Do you come or not? My brother takes you to ride bicycles and introduces girls to you”.

For a moment, your brain is hot into the cycling pit, and you are full of expectation that when you ride bicycles, you will meet a sister who also loves cycling and has similar aspirations to bid farewell to your single life.

However, after riding for two years, you will find that the situation is not as beautiful as you think.

There are girls riding bicycles, but you just can’t meet them.

Later, I will talk about emotional problems, Single riders always tease: “Riders don’t need objects, just cars and hands! But without objects, they still don’t delay cycling.

What’s more, they are not single, but they have become single by cycling.

Two years of cycling, although there are all kinds of panic, it doesn’t affect their love for cycling at all! Topic interaction.

How do you feel about cycling now? Welcome to the comment area to speak freely.

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