Qinghai Lake cycling – Xinjiang Duku highway cycling, playing is not a conquest, there is no regret!

Riding too fast, you can’t see the essence of essence.

Only riding is just right.

You can not only challenge yourself, but also enjoy all the scenery.

Whether it’s lovers, parents, children, girlfriends or friends, the 360 kilometer ride around the lake is a catalyst for your feelings to warm up.

Ride together on different sections of desert highway, rape sea, Qinghai Tibet highway G315 rail track, West Lake Ring Road, Every kilometer of grassland wetland is wonderful, galloping in the golden silver beach grassland in the song of Wang Luobin, approaching the Atomic City, listening to the breathtaking eventful years, casting down the wind under the prayer flags of Tibetan compatriots, overlooking the magnificent holy lake in Hunan mountain, Qinghai, taking photos of the blue behind in the golden rape sea, feeling the sky in Chaka Salt Lake ✦ after 8 years of deep cultivation, continuous optimization and iteration, deep excavation of every rest point along the way, With meals, the accommodation finally made this unique and optimal Qinghai Lake cycling route, which is both favored by enthusiasts and not deterred by novices.

The starting point is set at Erlang sword, the most scenic spot in Qinghai Lake, who lives by the lake at all costs.

Two opportunities to get close to the most beautiful rape flower sea effectively reduce the regrets caused by bad weather.

More time to play conventional routes, In order to save accommodation costs, I have to live in Jiangxi Gou Township far away from the lake.

Before my body can adapt to the plateau, I have to challenge the 97 km Xihai town Jiangxi Gou section and the 120 km Heimahe Gangcha section.

Not only is the mileage long, climbing the slope is also more likely to cause high reaction or give up because of physical exhaustion Aiming at the pain points of the conventional riding line, we creatively moved the starting point of riding to Erlang sword.

The road from Erlang sword to Heima river is flat, and the body gradually adapts to riding for only 68 kilometers, Reduce the probability of high reaction and leave enough time for self arrangement.

You can either choose to play in Chaka Salt Lake or vent yourself at the sacrificial platform beside the lake to better enter the riding state.

During the journey, you can stay in an independent bathroom for four nights and stay by the Qinghai Lake for two nights.

You have more time to enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

You can have a full rest after a hard day to avoid the noise and odor of many people.

Have a good rest, Ride more vigorously.

The team leader’s detailed training and explanation of precautions will take you to warm up and stretch the vehicle for maintenance every day.

He will arrange food and accommodation to take photos for you during the ride.

He will record a small video to take you by the sea of rape in Erlang sword.

The little-known aerial view overlooking Qinghai Lake will liberate your hands, Leave a precious and cool moment.

As always, the new world outdoor provides professional cycling equipment.

The support vehicle has no blind spot to lead the team and the operation of rescue equipment.

Li is really exhausted.

He can get on the support vehicle to rest, reduce the burden of riding, and improve the safety factor.

During the journey, he provides you with mineral water and small fruits, and rich experience in dealing with outdoor emergencies So that the team members can overcome the bad weather and fear, smoothly circumnavigate the lake and leave a meaningful track for their lives.

The popular cycling destination in the summer is also Xinjiang Duku highway cycling.

Welcome all riders to fight.

Duku highway cycling crosses the northern and southern Xinjiang for 7 days and 6 nights.

Each issue of Tiefa crosses the northern and southern Xinjiang in a 4 +2 way.

The heroic road with slow-paced cycling honors and scenery is led by the great God to ensure the vehicle’s 1:1 mobile logistics, Transport in dangerous sections, follow-up photos by photographers on the cycling essence section, daily exercise rehabilitation, Kazak family visits, five nights of bathing, standard room accommodation contact information: wechat same number Dorje: 18797332113 Meiduo: 1870971407001 travel quick view D1 Xining – Qinghai Lake Erlang sword – cycling base camp (warm-up cycling for 10 kilometers) at 1:30 p.m., Xining starts, takes a car to Qinghai Lake, breaks the ice on the car, knows each other, and goes all the way to the camp, Distribute equipment for training and warm-up, observe the triumph of the previous senior team members, ride through the rape flower fields by the Qinghai Lake, go up the Nanshan along the rainbow highway, overlook the panoramic view of the Qinghai Lake, and feel the charm of the holy lake.

D2 erlangjian – Jiangxi Gou Township – Qinghai Tibet highway – HEMA River (cycling for 68km) bathes in the morning light, does stretching exercises, gets on the bike refreshed, races excitedly with cattle and sheep, and looks at the continuous grassland, cattle and sheep all the way west through erlangjian peninsula.

Have lunch in the Heima river at noon.

In the afternoon, you can choose to visit the sky No.

1 Chaka Salt Lake, or empty yourself at the sea sacrifice platform of Qinghai Lake.

In the evening, stay at the best observation point of sunrise in Qinghai Lake, Heima river.

D3 Heima River – Huanhu West Road – Bird Island – G315 National Highway – Quanji township (cycling for 90km) today, we rode on the most beautiful Huanhu West Road of Qinghai Lake, grassland on the left hand, lake on the right hand, without any interruption.

Passing by the prayer flags and Mani stone pile on the Lake, we stopped here for a moment, sprinkled the praying wind horse, and left sincere blessings for ourselves, family and friends.

In June and July, you can also see the beautiful scenery of Huangyu reflux and feel the power of life.

Stay in Quanji Township in the evening.

D4 Quanji Township Gangcha hargai ganzihe Xihai town (110km ride) today, we will ride through Gangcha County, the largest county around the Qinghai Lake, known as the seaside Tibetan city, and then pass ganzihe Township, the hometown of Proctor’s gazelle, to the atomic city of Xihai Town, the atomic city.

This is the first atomic bomb development base, and there are too many secrets waiting for us to explore.

D5 Xihai town – Jinyintan Grassland – Jinsha Bay – Huanhu East Road – erlangjian – Xining (72km ride) after getting up in the morning, ride through Jinyintan grassland and Jinsha Bay desert to experience the magnificent scenery intertwined with the holy lake and the sand sea.

Have lunch at Hudong sheep breeding farm at noon, return to the large rape sea on the South Bank of Qinghai Lake in the afternoon, give awards and awards at the headquarters, end our tour around the lake, return to Xining by car (no traffic jam around 19:30), hug and say goodbye..