Public cycling | love, flying with the wind

On July 30, the “love on the road, walk with you” 2022 Tieqi group’s eighth public welfare cycling ยท love for students annual meeting was held in Puning City.

Nearly 1000 motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country rode their beloved “Tieqi” with full arms and high spirits, The members are locomotive enthusiasts from all over the country.

The purpose of this activity is to advocate civilized travel and call for love to aid the poor.

There were various activities on the day, including intangible cultural heritage performance, “advocating civilized traffic safety and resisting bad traffic habits”, public welfare cycling motorcycle parade, stunt performance, locomotive music evening, love student annual meeting, etc.

English songs and dances made a wonderful appearance to carry forward the excellent traditional culture of Chaoshan.

The team made a public welfare tour, carried out civilized travel publicity activities, called for compliance with traffic travel rules, and conveyed the spirit of civilized comity.

Ke Rongqiao, who participated in the cycling, was very happy: “I made a special trip from Shantou to participate in today’s cycling activity.

I think the activity is very meaningful.

It not only gives us a good communication platform for motorcycle enthusiasts, but also enables us to advocate love and civilized travel with practical actions.

At the same time, we also call on more people to love and help students…” the “blue sky rescuers” who maintain order in the hot sun.

On the evening of the event, a special motorcycle music evening was also held.

A number of items raised by the organizer will be auctioned at the party, and the proceeds from the auction and on-site donations will be used for love, education and poverty alleviation.

Love, on the way.

When talking about this activity, the initiator Liu zewei said: “we hope that more people can understand the locomotive culture and motorcycle tourism culture through the activity.

We also actively call on more people to care for the children in the mountain area and help them learn from the bad traffic habits through advocating traffic safety publicity.” Liu zewei, the initiator of the locomotive culture of the iron riding group, was interviewed | photographed by Wei Yuqi | edited by Chen Haiping | Jianming..