Picturesque scenery, but also cycling, this place is too suitable for children!

White clouds in the sky, lush grass on the bank, trickling streams, frogs chirping by the river, the coolness and the fragrance of birds and flowers under the shade of the trees, have a pleasant ride in the woods, by the river, in the stream…

Ride a bike to go upstream and enjoy the hundred mile landscape gallery.

Time: August 7, 2022, 13, 21, 27.

Location: Beijing Yanqing activity is suitable for children over 6 years old (130cm tall and above).

Highlights of the activity indulge in the landscape, overlook and return to nature, Go back to nature and ride with us.

It’s not too much for people to swim in the painting by going up the river to enjoy the beautiful scenery, listening to birds and smelling the fragrance of flowers.

The children’s happiness and joy are riding along the river, watching the ripples of water, smelling the fragrance of soil, shuttling through the woods, feeling the cool summer sunshine in their fingers, warm and comfortable.

Playing water in summer is a favorite thing for children.

When they are tired of riding, they can stop or tread on the water, or play in the water or have a water fight at any time, Or how about riding in the water? The stream is green, cool, exciting, screaming.

The birds and flowers slow down along the way to find the beauty of nature.

Yanqing Baili gallery is a scene step by step, quiet and fresh.

Taking advantage of the time, we are in the mountains and forests, riding a bike in the stream to spend a happy day.

Activity content: riding small class to understand riding rules, gestures and skills, and learn safety knowledge that needs to be paid attention to in the process of riding.

The 15km riding experience is different from the riding park.

The riding roads here are diverse, including mountains, rivers, jungles, roads, farmland, flowers…

Each riding will have different harvest.

Follow the stream to experience the unique riding experience in summer, accompanied by mountains, streams and valleys.

The cool wind and cool stream sweep away the summer heat.

The children played in the water and had a good summer.

Activity flow in the morning: 07:30 Beitucheng subway entrance / exit a bus departs (assembly time notice within the activity group) 10:30-11:00 allocate vehicles and wear protective equipment; The riding coach explained the safety to everyone; Group warm-up 11:00-12:30 Baili Gallery cycling 5 kilometers, river tracing experience noon: 12:30-13:30 lunch, take a break in the afternoon: 13:30-15:30 Baili Gallery cycling 10 kilometers, stream side playing water 15:30 return cycling equipment, return home q&aq: how to ensure safety during cycling? A: 1.

The riding route is a safe and mature route.

We have personally inspected the site, which is safe and interesting.


Riding is led by professional outdoor coaches and teachers to ensure the safety of every child.

Q: What about lunch? A: Bring your own lunch, easy to carry.

Q: Do you need to bring your own equipment when riding? A: We provide cycling vehicles and equipment.

If you have them, you can bring them yourself.

Personal belongings preparation suggestions: – low top walking shoes or sports shoes – Sports fast drying clothes suitable for outdoor activities – lightweight backpacks – Portable lunch – garbage bags, wet paper towels, dry paper towels, hand sanitizer and other registration information.

Ride a bike to the river to enjoy the bailishan gallery.

Activities suitable for: Children over 6 years old (height 130cm and above) activity time: August 7, 13, 21, 2022 Location of the event on the 27th: Yanqing, Beijing.

Event cost: 598 yuan / children.

The cost includes: round-trip transportation, event planning fee, coach and team leader fee, riding vehicle and equipment fee.

Note: the organizer will give accident insurance to all participants to prevent the epidemic.

Registration requirements: nucleic acid negative certificate within 1.72 hours.


From low-risk areas, health code The travel code is normal.


The body temperature on the day of travel is not more than 37.3 degrees * Please strictly comply with the prevention and control requirements.

The prevention and control policy may change at any time.

The actual policy on the day shall prevail.

Registration method: Step 1: press the QR code below or click the end of the text.