Once, she rode 300 kilometers back to the post and fought the “epidemic” for 4 days and 3 nights. She’s home!

Do you remember this story: January 31 this year Road closure in Hubei Province she Ride alone 300 km After 4 days and 3 nights From Gongan County, Jingzhou City, my hometown Yangjia Wharf Village, banzhulong town Turn around and return to the company Wuhan Jiangxia District Hospital Enter the war “epidemic” Let’s meet The “angel in white” born in 1996 Gan Ruyi To return to work as soon as possible Rotate colleagues who work overtime continuously She gave up her vacation “Riding alone for thousands of miles” Touched countless people After returning to work Gan Ruyi and colleagues round the clock Always stick to the front line of fighting the “epidemic” The day Wuhan was unsealed 68 days away from home Finally complete the mission On the way home Jingzhou Public Security Bureau With the deepest respect Salute her escort! “Retrograde angel” Producer: Xu Zhuangzhi, Zhang Xudong, Li Pengxiang Overall planning and copywriting: Zhang Shuqi Reporter: some materials of Liang Jianqiang are provided by Jingzhou public security organ!..