On the streets of Jinzhai, dozens of “Xiaohuang” ride collectively! Attract the attention of many citizens!

Carefully, have you noticed a “beautiful scenery” in the streets and alleys of Jinzhai in recent days? Dozens of shared motorcycles – “Xiaohuang” collectively travel everywhere, causing citizens to stop and watch the magnificent works of the 210000 square cultural tourism and commercial landmark complex of Huaqiang cultural and creative block to offer gifts to Jinzhai, advocating civilization and health through green cycling, Green low-carbon life and the broad masses of people in Jinzhai jointly build a beautiful Jinzhai.

Dozens of shared bicycles carry sky blue flags through the streets and alleys of Jinzhai.

Walking through every landmark of Jinzhai, people leave their memories.

At this moment, Huaqiang cultural and creative block will vividly show the concept of green travel.

Shared bicycles are energy-saving, low-carbon, healthy and environmental protection, and bring convenience and comfort to people The Green City Huaqiang cultural and creative block draws a picture of the city’s home with “cultural tourism” as a pen.

Huaqiang cultural and creative block pays tribute to the city with beauty and the future with quality.

The 210000 square meter landmark cultural and tourism complex not only attracts the attention of tens of thousands of people, but also attracts more and more brands, Without specific commitment, big brands will settle in and jointly build a prosperous Huaqiang cultural and creative block.

Starting from the lifestyle and experience format, they will introduce Hualian Supermarket, hometown chicken, Hushang aunt wanghong trampoline paradise and other main stores with a new and differentiated layout to create a cultural and tourism complex (network map) integrating fashion, food entertainment and parent-child family.

The settlement of well-known brands will give consumers more choices than expected.

Food street, green mango mass selling KTV The innovative combination of various business formats of bumper cars brings novel and unique consumption experience culture, tourism, consumption Life…

A prosperous place that influences the world (renderings) is built here.

There are not only naughty castle paradise suitable for babies to play, but also wanghong trampoline paradise suitable for parent-child interaction.

On holidays, you can go to Aunt Hushang for a cup of fruit tea or to Wallace for hamburger fried chicken.

Hualian Supermarket has a wide range of department stores and irregular preferential activities.

You have to visit it once a week (network map) Combining the project positioning, Huaqiang cultural and creative District fully considers the potential consumption needs of different groups in brand selection, and can obtain more accurate customer sources through signing and cooperation with well-known brands.

For businesses with major brands, cooperation with Huaqiang brand means that there are big brands as “backers”, wealth is more guaranteed, and benefits are maximized (effect picture) more businesses in Huaqiang cultural and creative District continue to negotiate the future, More merchants will gather in this brand’s super strong lineup to become a gathering place for thousands of consumer groups.

No specific commitment is made.


The relevant words, pictures and architectural design renderings of this advertisement are schematic representations of the project and are for reference only; 2.

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