Ningbo electric bicycle ride attention! Many people have received tickets!

At present, light and fast electric bicycles have become the first choice for many people to travel by foot.

While providing convenience, illegal parking, private wire charging and other phenomena also occur from time to time.

Recently, Ningbo fire rescue detachment issued fines to many illegal parking electric bicycles, which sounded an alarm to the owners of illegal parking and charging with luck.

During the fire supervision and inspection of the intercontinental leisure bath in Ninghai County, the inspectors found that several electric bicycles were illegally parked on the evacuation channel of the unit.

According to the on-site understanding, the above vehicles were owned by three employees of the bath.

The inspectors ordered the owner to park all vehicles in the designated outdoor area on the spot, and investigated the illegal acts of the unit.

Picture source: through investigation, notification and other procedures, the illegal facts of the three employees exist and the evidence is conclusive.

According to Article 60 of the regulations of Zhejiang Province on fire control, three employees were fined 50 yuan.

Electric bicycle fire accidents occur from time to time.

While vigorously carrying out centralized rectification, the fire department actively mobilized 14 publicity teams, fire volunteers and township (street) fire propagandists in the city to enter the house, distribute fire safety knowledge manuals and post posters, so as to continuously improve the people’s awareness of fire safety.

In addition, vigorously publicize and promote the “hidden danger shooting”, 12345 hotline and other complaint and reporting channels, timely eliminate the fire hazards around the masses and build a strong safety defense line.

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