Mobile version of Qinling small loop line ~ ~ day 2 (September 29, 2019)

The second day of riding Qinling small ring road (September 29, 2019), Fengxian County (992m above sea level) 🚴 Jiudianliang (1554m from the sea) (12km) 🚴 Zibai mountain scenic spot (1400m above sea level) (47km) 🚴 Gaoqiaopu Village (1455m above sea level) (49km) 🚴 The most beautiful mountain village in China 🚴 Hanzhong red Museum (1111m above sea level) 🚴 Fork (944m above sea level) (85km) 🚴 Jiangkou Town (961m above sea level) (90km).

Today, we have just started a 12km strong uphill journey to jiudianliang (1554m above sea level) (562m above sea level).

Then, we have reached Zibai mountain scenic spot for 35km.

Today, we ride 90km, with a total of 192km.

Stay at Shangli hotel in Jiangkou Town in the evening( 💰 120)。 ▼ Fenghuang Lake in Feng county ▼ is the landmark of Feng county ▼ crossed 😂😂 ▼ jiudianliang is 1535.50 meters above sea level, and Fengxian County is 980 meters above sea level, climbing about 573 meters in 12km.

Jiudianliang is known as the “soul of China”, nominated by Zhao Zukang.

In the history of world roads, there is no deceleration belt made of large stones in the mountains.

All the people riding on it tremble as they go downhill.

If their hands are not clenched, there will be car destruction and death.

It’s frightening!! Zibai mountain (Zibai slope) is located at the junction of the southeast of Feng county and Liuba county.

The highest point is 2610 meters.

It is one of the peaks of Qinling Mountains.

The mountain extends approximately 20 km from east to west.

It is a rocky mountain.

The highest point of Liuba county includes pine, oak, lacquer and Poplar Forests, which are mainly distributed on the south slope and East.

There are meadows on the top, ancient karst depressions and funnels.

At the foot of the eastern mountain, there is Zhangliang temple, with beautiful scenery, Beautiful architecture.

Zibai mountain is 16km away from Liuba county.

It is named because there are many ancient trees on the mountain.

In addition to the colorful forest, the unique Tiankeng of Zibai mountain and the grass pond on the top of the mountain are also known as the first Tiantan community in Asia.

It is known as “don’t look at the mountain when Huangshan returns, don’t look at the water when Jiuzhai returns, and don’t look at the grass when Zibai returns”.

▼ Zibai mountain scenic spot, 1400 meters above sea level ▼ Zibai mountain scenic spot, 1400 meters above sea level ▼ Zibai mountain scenic spot, 1400 meters above sea level ▼ top link: warm home in the mountain bottom link: Qinling cloud deep unknown horizontal batch: most beautiful mountain village ▼ most beautiful mountain village, located in Yuhuangmiao Town, Liuba County, with beautiful mountains and rivers and pleasant scenery, including Gaojiang road known as “the most beautiful rural road in China”, It is a high-grade mountain village highway formed more than half a century ago, with a total length of 39km from gaoqiaopu to Jiangxi camp.

The vegetation on both sides of the highway is mainly covered with fir, ginkgo and golden willow.

The environment is quiet, with fantastic scenery all year round.

New buds bloom in spring, shade blocks the sun in summer, golden mountains and forests in autumn, and white clothes in winter.

The idyllic scenery, trickling streams, farmhouses, gingko forests, birds and flowers along the way make people feel like walking into a paradise.

▼ ride in the most beautiful mountain village ▼ the 4000 year old Ginkgo biloba in the red Museum of Hanzhong City.

It is said that the first ancient ginkgo biloba planted by King Wen of Zhou Dynasty in the northwest is in shiyaoba village, Yuhuangmiao Township, Liuba county.

According to experts, there is an ancient ginkgo biloba that has been estimated to be nearly 4000 years, which is preserved in the early Xia Dynasty and is about 2600 years older than the famous ginkgo tree in Xi’an ancient Guanyin temple, It is well deserved to be the third Ancient Ginkgo in China and the first in Northwest China.

This ancient ginkgo tree is 4.4 meters in diameter at breast height and 26 meters high.

The middle and lower parts of the trunk have been burned for six times by unknown fires, and the tree core has been burned into a hole about 3 meters in size (which can accommodate more than 30 people).

However, it is still lush, and many new plants are spreading around, so it is called “full house of children and grandchildren” by locals, Honored as “sacred tree” ▼ stay at Shangli Hotel, Jiangkou Town in the evening( 💰 120) welcome riding friends from all over the world to exchange and learn from each other.

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