A raincoat is required for cycling in all seasons to avoid getting soaked | equipment introduction

Small partners who insist on using two rounds of commuting and riders who go out for motorcycles this season can consider this blue lion riding raincoat, which is waterproof and cost-effective even in heavy rain.

The price of the whole set is only the price of a pair of rainpants of major brands.

There are preferential activities in section 3.8, Hurry to avoid getting soaked ~ for details, please see the following video: the video introduces the new style, and the water resistance and air permeability have been upgraded.

For the previous graphic introduction of the old blue lion raincoat, click here to jump directly.

▸ purchase link ◂ you can copy the following text to open app [Taobao] https://m.tb.cn/h.fMM4czZ?tk=BcvO24x7QZt “Knight net raincoat rainpants set split poncho Blue Lion motorcycle riding waterproof men’s thickened takeout anti rainstorm” click the link to open it directly..