Like cycling, you can’t ignore some details of cycling

Friends who love cycling cherish their bicycles very much.

Bicycles are assembled from small parts.

In addition to keeping the bicycles clean and the transmission lubricated, there are some small details that deserve our attention.

In addition to making the bike more beautiful and riding more smoothly, it can also effectively improve the service life of the bike.

Develop a good habit.

After riding for a period of time, check all parts, especially whether the screws are loose or have friction.

Those requiring fastening and adjustment shall be handled in time to prevent parts from loosening and falling off, resulting in danger.

Pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise and lubrication of the bearing parts.

It is annoying to encounter rain on the riding road.

Even if there is no rain, the bicycle is easy to be polluted or damp by water when encountering ponding road surface or sprinkler operation.

Even if the water is dry after riding, it is recommended to wipe the bicycle, especially the transmission part, to avoid the wear caused by the sand and gravel rolled up by the water adhering to the transmission part of the bicycle.

In order to prevent the bicycle from rusting or make the bicycle look more eye-catching, many friends will choose to wipe the car with tarpaulin.

This method is not desirable.

In addition to being very easy to stick ash, it may also corrode the paint.

Car wax can be used for car frame.

It should not stick to friction parts, such as brake frame or disc.

It is best to use the special maintenance products of single vehicle.

The inner tube, outer tube and other rubber products of a single car have a service life.

They do not need to be replaced until they are worn to the marking.

Please refer to the product description for the specific service life.

To avoid accelerated aging of rubber products, attention should be paid in the process of use to avoid contact with oil products, organic solutions, etc.

Don’t inflate the tire to the limit pressure, and adjust the tire pressure with the season.

Many friends always like to prepare a lot of items when traveling, which can indeed bring convenience to travel, but there are not many opportunities to use.

Long term load-bearing riding is not a commendable thing.

In addition, the design of sports bike is not suitable for load.

In addition to self weight, the load should not be too large.

Even if your rear shelf can carry people, you also need to cherish your frame…