Good habits in outdoor cycling

Cycling is a kind of sport loved by everyone.

For cyclists, the first thing to consider in their leisure time is where to ride and who to ride with.

Whether you want to lose fat, relax, improve self-confidence and surpass yourself, cycling is undoubtedly a good choice.

Riding also has many small skills and good habits.

Here’s a summary and share with you.

Whether riding in the urban area or in the suburbs, emergencies may occur at any time.

Therefore, do not ride too fast under any circumstances.

If you need to improve your speed, you’d better go to a professional venue.

In addition, don’t leave the brake with your fingers.

Be vigilant all the time and control the speed within your controllable range.

Cyclists should start with themselves and abide by traffic regulations.

When passing through the intersection, please slow down even if the light is green.

In addition to observing the situation in front, you also need to observe the situation in the rear.

Pay special attention to the motor vehicles driving in the same direction and turning right.

When passing through an intersection without signal lights, you need to be more cautious and choose to stop and give way on the premise of uncertain safety.

How to stop is the basic skill in the process of riding.

Some friends like to play cool by locking the brake and rubbing tire marks on the ground.

In addition to the waste tires and easy to fall, the sudden locking brake will also bring unsafe hidden dangers to the vehicles behind, and may even be knocked down by the rear car.

You should know that the brake is used to control the speed and slow down.

You can’t stop the car instantly.

When using the brake, try to avoid locking the brake.

If the brake is locked before, it may lead to rollover.

In the process of riding, increase the predicted distance, maintain a reasonable distance, and don’t be hurt by others without hurting others.

Many friends don’t have the habit of changing gears before parking.

When you stop at a red light, reduce the gear ratio.

In short, push the rear gear to the big gear plate of the flywheel for two gears, so the starting will be easier and the damage to the legs will be less.

When you return home or don’t ride for a long time, you need to adjust the front and rear dial to the lowest gear plate to reduce the damage of spring tension.

Riding usually has a lot of experience, and you are welcome to share it.

Mastering more riding knowledge is the guarantee of healthy and happy riding.

Editor: Li Zhihui source: cycling online..