July 9 [breaking wind cycling youth group] one day of 18km cycling – challenges of perseverance and physical fitness

Click the blue word, Focus on us / Youth / perseverance / collaboration / nature / / 18km cycling / sportsmanship / perception of natural beauty / hearsay is hard to understand.

It’s better to pack up your bags and explore the world with your wheels.

Sweat builds perseverance.

Step on the wheels to measure the world.

Research has found that compared with knowledge, perseverance is the ultimate secret to make a difference.

Intelligence is innate, and perseverance can be developed by everyone.

No matter what circumstances From intelligence Academic performance or appearance perseverance is the most reliable indicator of success.

Children will learn and experience in one day, meet like-minded friends, feel the speed of the wind in nature, form a unique wind breaking youth group, feel the sunset by the romantic South Lake, complete an unprecedented perseverance challenge, experience competitive charm, feel athletic spirit, enhance psychological quality, master professional skills, make cycling friends, with a total length of 18km The cycling road around the lake in Nanhu Wetland Park is the target cycling road we choose this time.

With beautiful scenery, it is the first choice for many bike lovers at the entry level.

There is a “bicycle trail around the lake”, which is absolutely refreshing to ride.

In the beautiful South Lake greenway, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, get rid of your troubles, release your nature, accumulate momentum in sports and absorb the nutrients of growth.

The scenery with two feet is more beautiful.

When walking on the road, you are closer to nature.

You can see the beautiful scenery on the roadside and chase the sunset and dusk.

Sitting on the roadside during the rest, pulling up a grass, listening to the waves of the lake sound, the natural sound does not need to be interpreted.

Activity highlights 01 professional riding knowledge what equipment does a professional team need? How to make the standard action of riding? Do you know the structure of bicycle? Riding is not just “riding”.

These are all the areas we learn.

Professional coaches teach correct riding skills and master scientific riding knowledge.

02 an 18km perseverance challenge gives the will a chance to temper.

Facing difficulties, passing through hurdles is a process that requires persistence and patience.

Moving forward towards a clear goal with perseverance shows the children’s willpower, sense of responsibility and perseverance.

03 the wind breaking youth fully display their team charm to feel the wind and freedom.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake in the beautiful South Lake greenway.

Even if it is difficult to form a team with like-minded friends When we can’t hold on, we still have a team to encourage and support each other.

The completion of cycling can’t be separated from the cooperation of the team to accept this unprecedented challenge.

04 emergency lectures in emergencies.

The teaching of vehicle emergency skills in the journey has become very meaningful.

Children are easy to fall off their chains when adjusting gears uphill, and they are easy to sweat after holding the tap for a long time.

There may be various situations on the road These are real problems that will appear.

How to solve them becomes important and urgent.

We can’t miss the course description of forging children’s ability to solve problems independently ● planning organization: Shazhou children’s walk ● theme course: one-day camp for riding teenagers ● course time: July 9, 2022 ● suitable age: teenagers aged 7-14 (children who are over 1.25 meters tall and can ride bicycles skillfully) ● number of participants: starting from 12 in each period ● gathering time: 8:30 at the main gate of Zhangjiagang stadium ● Education Investment: 358 yuan / person (20 yuan less for 18 likes and deeds forwarded to the circle of friends) ● group service: customized by the team, for details, please consult 15962366613 ▼ the cost includes 1.

Transportation: air-conditioned bus to and from; 2.

Activities: course organization, coaching fee, venue fee, props fee and tool use; 3.

Meals: lunch (simple meal) and fruit of the day; 4.

Planning: activity planning fee and preliminary research fee; 5.

Teachers: Shazhou children’s walking experience tutor and professional riding coach; 6.

Gift: travel agency liability insurance, travel accident insurance; 7.

Others: logistics support, safety guarantee, medical support and other course processes 08:30-09:30 go to the research base 09:30-10:00 break the ice group, cultivate team spirit 10:00-10:30 learn the basic components of bicycles, basic riding rules 10:30-11:00 understand and understand the route, adjust your bicycle, learn to wear protective gear 11:00-12:00 lunch, lunch break 12:00-12:30 warm-up activities Avoid physical injury during cycling 12:30-15:30 18km cycling challenge, enjoy the sense of achievement brought by competition 15:30-16:00 relaxation activities after cycling, rest and enjoy the natural scenery 16:00-17:00 summary of feelings, what are the safety guarantees for return cycling? 1.

Before riding, the staff should do a good job of safety monitoring, and the whole road should be carefully surveyed and practiced.


there are no sharp turns or steep slopes in the whole process.

It is strictly prohibited to race, fight, play in the water by the lake, ride with one hand, or lose the steering wheel; 3.

before leaving, the coach shall carefully assist in regulating the vehicles and protective equipment, control the speed at the head, press the axle at the tail, and maintain the spacing in the middle.


explain the essentials and signal requirements before traveling, establish rules, and prompt precautions at multiple nodes to ensure that the whole journey is carefree 5 The non asphalt road experience shall be carried out under the permission and supervision of the coach.

What items do parents need to prepare? Cycling or sportswear, outdoor cycling shoes (or hard soled sneakers), lightweight backpacks, a bottle of water and snacks can be brought with you.

Registration instructions ▼ warm tips 1.

This activity can be customized by teams or institutions.


For outdoor activities, in case of bad weather, we promise to refund unconditionally without any threshold.


The copyright of the activity photos belongs to Shazhou children’s Bank, which is only used for later publicity, and participation is deemed as consent.


Before signing up, parents must fully understand the content of the activity and let their children be independent and willing to take the initiative to participate in the activity..