How to attack while riding and become an excellent solo master?

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Thank you for your support! Source: Tiger flutter, author: club100 five time tour de France champion ino once said: as long as I can breathe, I will attack.

Riding and attacking.

When playing against people of similar level, the best way to surpass them is to attack.

Attack pays attention to timing, position and skills.

What can we do to become an excellent solo master? 1.

Skill} attack should be sudden.

Increasing power in a short time is the best way to get rid of your opponent, but you should also ensure that you have enough physical strength to fly alone to the end after the attack.


Choose a lower position to help you accelerate in advance, because if you launch an attack in the front of the group, others will accelerate with you and will be easily posted.


The opportunity can launch an attack when others are chased back or the rhythm of the whole group suddenly slows down.

The key is to be surprised.


Terrain can choose to attack when climbing, because it is difficult to follow the trend when climbing, and it is easier to get rid of others.

Increasing power when climbing can save more time than on the flat road when going downhill, but you can also attack in other terrain you are good at.


Go all out to attack and win.

You should not only get rid of your opponent, but also ride faster than the group behind you in the remaining sections.

If your ability can’t reach this point, you’d better follow the group.

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