How did the bicycle become a national mount R n?

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In 1866, the Qing Dynasty sent the first overseas investigation team.

Among them, 19-year-old Zhang Deyi used the word “bicycle” in his travel notes, so the word “bicycle” appeared for the first time and has been used to this day.

In fact, as early as the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, a man named Huang lvzhuang made the earliest recorded bicycle in the world through painstaking development.

According to the “Grand View of the unofficial history of the Qing Dynasty”, a two wheeled car made by Huang lvzhuang is more than three feet long.

It can sit alone without pushing or pulling.

When you go, you can bend around the axle with your hand, and then go back as before.

You can walk for 80 miles with the sun when you live.

” It can be seen that the bicycle he made has one wheel at the front and one wheel at the back.

The cyclist can bend around the axle by hand and the car can move forward.

About 100 years after Huang lvzhuang, the French siflak made a wooden bicycle in 1790.

The earliest evidence of the introduction of bicycles into China was the Shanghai News published on November 24, 1868.

In November of the seventh year of Tongzhi reign of the Qing Dynasty (1868), several bicycles were transported from Europe for the first time in Shanghai.

They are recreational means for people to take a car and lead the car on tiptoe.

At that time, the number of bicycles was very few, and the riders were blonde foreigners.

According to the development history of bicycles, bicycles are also new in Europe at this time.

They have been introduced into Shanghai only a few years later, which shows the speed of their introduction.

Foreigners living in Shanghai like this new type of machinery very much.

When they have leisure, they will ride around the Bund to entertain their body and mind.

With the increasing number of overseas Chinese in Shanghai, the number of bicycles is also increasing.

By 1897, there were hundreds of bicycles in Shanghai.

In 1897, two explosive news events occurred successively in the Shanghai concession, which aroused the great interest of the Chinese people in trying to ride bicycles.

One is a bicycle race held by the public concession at the racetrack to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne; The other is that three Britons rode bicycles for more than 520 days, with a journey of 14332 kilometers.

They started from London, entered China from India, and went through Hankou, Wuhu, Suzhou and other cities.

A large number of Chinese people went to see the wonders in every city.

When they arrived in Shanghai, foreigners living in Shanghai flocked out of the city on hundreds of bicycles to meet them.

It was spectacular for a time, and Chinese tourists were in a wave.

At that time, Shanghai was bathed in the baptism of European style and beauty, and became a wrestling field for the handover and confrontation of eastern and Western civilizations.

After the formation of the mixed Chinese and foreign living pattern in the Shanghai concession in the 1950s, the Chinese people in Shanghai personally experienced the convenience brought by various Western imported artifacts such as gas lamps, telegrams, electric lights, trains, sewing machines and so on, and their mentality changed from disdaining them as strange skills to accepting and recognizing them.

Although no Chinese can ride a bicycle at this time, the Chinese are full of curiosity about bicycles.

Many Chinese who have the financial resources to pay the fare can’t wait to master this magical machine.

At that time, bicycles were all imported from the West and were rare and fashionable.

The main consumers were gentry, businessmen and other upper class people.

At that time, there were a lot of traffic on the road in Shanghai.

If people want to ride on the street, they must first practice their cycling skills.

Many famous parks in Shanghai have become ideal places for gentry and businessmen to get together and learn cars.

As the largest public activity place and amusement center in Shanghai, Zhangyuan naturally becomes the first choice for cycling.

At that time, cycling was a matter of face, publicity and popularity.

After the introduction of bicycle, it has not become a common means of transportation for Chinese people for a long time.

On the one hand, it is expensive and difficult to ride due to bicycle technology; On the other hand, the road is bumpy and difficult to control.

At first, it was spread in the upper class as an entertainment tool and a symbol of “new ideas”.

The last emperor Puyi once received a bicycle as a gift.

In his first half of my life, he recalled: “for the convenience of riding a bicycle, our ancestors didn’t have the inconvenient threshold of the palace gate for hundreds of years, which was sawn off.” Bicycle is still a luxury in the eyes of ordinary people.

Many brothel women are proud to take a bicycle photo in the photo studio and use bicycles as props to show their pursuit of fashion.

Under the guidance of brothel women, many well-off women in their families also began to ride bicycles.

Song ailing, one of the “three sisters of the Song family”, gave her father song yaoru a bicycle as a birthday gift on her 10th birthday (1899).

In the future, Miss Song often rides a bicycle to play in the street with her father.

In 1911, the Shanghai Post Office purchased 100 bicycles from Britain and began to deliver mail by bicycle.

This is the first time that bicycle has been put into public use as a means of transportation.

Since then, bicycle has been divided into private use and public use, which also marks that the popularity of bicycle has entered a more popular level..