[bicycle Fantasia] / Wang Li

Bicycle Fantasia.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Wang Li was able to go out on a bicycle, which was quite convenient for people at that time, and he also had face.

Owning a bike has always been a mother’s dream.

When I was a child, my family was very poor and lived in a cave by the gully.

As my junior was born just in time for family planning, I fined my family 400 kg of grain at once, which made the situation at home even worse.

My mother named me “maihuan” in a rage.

Later, when I was older, my mother raised 50 or 60 chickens in a cave at the door of my house.

Every two days, my mother would use a shelf car to pull me and eggs to sell them in the city.

On the way to the city, my mother and I had our own happiness, and it was also because the downhill road was fast and easy, but when I came back, my mother had to change the money for selling eggs into feed.

People said “downhill is easier than uphill”.

Five miles away, My mother is only 1.5 meters tall.

She pulls more than 100 kilograms of feed on the heavy shelf car…

My mother pulls it hard, and I help push it in the back.

Often at this time, my mother will say, “Mai Chang, you can push it.

When my mother pays off the bill and saves enough money to buy a bike, my mother will take you with her bike, so we don’t have to work so hard…” we just imagined it for several years, My mother still pulled the shelf car, and the dream bike never appeared in our home…

Until I was nine years old, my sister dropped out of school to make clothes for others.

(my sister is one round older than me).

Maybe my mother talked too much about her dream of longing for a bike, or my sister also felt that her mother was too hard, so she saved two months’ salary and bought an old black 28 bike.

I don’t remember what brand, but I clearly remember the expression of my mother’s face, eyes shining and crying with joy when she looked at the bike.

Although it’s old, after his mother’s cleaning, he changed it into a new dress – wrapped everything that can be wrapped with cloth strips, which is also very beautiful.

The next step is to practice riding.

At first, I learned to ride on my side around the beam.

I stood beside the wheat field and looked at her.

I fell down and got up again.

I was anxious and eager for her to learn quickly.

After two days of wrestling, the tenacious mother learned, but because she was short and could not reach the high ass of the bicycle, she had to unload her ass and tie a sole at that place.

This was barely enough.

When her ass often hurts, her mother would murmur, “when can I change a 26 curved beam?” From then on, she carried two baskets of eggs behind her bicycle in the city.

When she came back, she took two bags of plastic bags around her back, swayed in the wind and ran to the dream of 26 curved beam bicycle…

Maybe her brothers and sisters also took part in the work, and the situation at home gradually improved.

Within two years, her mother had her second bicycle, 26 curved beam bicycle! Bid farewell to the embarrassment of cycling with soles tied.

The first car was passed on to my brother.

My mother cherished her curved beam bike very much.

I was beaten up because I secretly learned to ride with my little partner and tied up the car belt.

Although I knew I would be beaten, I still couldn’t help riding it secretly (HA HA).

Now I think of it as a great pleasure in my childhood! Later, I went to junior high school and was far away from home.

The curved beam bike was lucky to be passed on to me.

I walked through a happy middle school with me…

Then electric cars became popular again.

My mother was the first to ride an electric tricycle in our village.

Now it seems that she has changed the third electric tricycle! Mobile phone tiktok: when I was married, I got a child.

When my daughter was five, she bought her a bike.

Her daughter was delighted to feel the beautiful bike.

Her mother told her the story of her bike.

Her daughter learned quickly and learned it (HA).

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