Essential equipment for riding! Shimano professional cycling backpack, a wave of amazing discounts~

BIKEWORK´╝ü Buy authentic! More cost-effective!! Riding a bike is a must.

Many riders are used to taking some valuables with them! All in the backpack, so a professional sports backpack is essential! As a professional brand of bicycle accessories, Shimano is very familiar to everyone.

Shimano’s personal equipment products are also very professional! Today we bring Shimano’s customized cycling backpack for cycling -unzen needs a full-time or multi-day cycling partner? The Unzen series meets your needs.

Whether you need to carry a small amount of necessities or more equipment, Unzen is designed for load-bearing and can keep cool and comfortable in any off-road situation.

Each model has a capacity of 2 to 14 liters, has rich functions and is compatible with water bags.

Shimano believes that the bicycle backpack should not only be light, but also fit closely with the rider’s body.

Therefore, the X-HARNESS strap system has been developed on this backpack.

The special back hanging method of the X-HARNESS strap can simply fix the backpack on the body, and provide space for the arms to move freely and operate the bicycle.

This backpack system will make you feel that you are not carrying the backpack, but “wearing” the backpack on your body! A small video tells you how different X-HARNESS is.

This backpack comes in four sizes: 2l/6l/10l/14l.

Each backpack has combed breathable mesh backing, which is more suitable for the body and has better breathability.

The internal storage position of the backpack is carefully designed.

The outer backpack layer, you can find a lot of compartments inside, which can store various equipment flexibly.

The main warehouse area on the second layer, It can be used to carry some larger equipment or clothes.

A storage area for electronic products or glasses is reserved at the top.

The pockets are full of flannels.

YKK’s waterproof zipper is also used outside as a professional brand for cycling.

Shimano’s product design details are very well done.

Even the handle of the zipper is carefully considered.

In order to make it easy for cyclists to take things with gloves, The zipper handle is also the external pendant area of the backpack with enlarged design, which is very practical.

The helmet hook at the side is very convenient to use.

The adjustable strap at the bottom can also expand the load capacity.

Most of you have encountered rain on the way out.

It doesn’t matter.

The surface of Unzen backpack is made of non hydrophilic material.

In addition, the bottom of this backpack is equipped with a rain cover (2L backpack does not have a rain cover).

In rainy days, it can effectively protect the items in your backpack.

Unzen all supports water bags, and will give a professional sports water bag of hydrapak with the bag when buying.

The price of the same water bag of this brand will be reduced by 34.27 euros on Amazon! Nearly 300 yuan! The water pipes of the water bag are of quick dismantling structure, which can effectively prolong the service life.

Currently, Unzen backpacks come in 4 sizes.

The official guided prices of Shimano are: 2L –641 yuan 6L –909 yuan 10L –993 yuan 14L –1057 yuan.

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