Electric bicycle caused a fire and 5 people died! Can charging stop willfulness? The reporter visited several communities in Beijing in

In the early morning of September 20, a fire broke out on the third floor of Tongzhou community, killing five people.

After preliminary investigation, the fire was caused by the tenant on the third floor bringing the lithium battery of electric bicycle into the house for charging.

During the charging process, the battery exploded and caught fire, spreading to the fourth and fifth floors, killing five people in a family upstairs.

It is also an electric bicycle and home charging.

Review quick stamp → pay attention! Direct attack on the scene of the fire accident caused by the “9.20” electric bicycle, and the perpetrator has been taken criminal coercive measures.

So far, 433 electric vehicle fires have occurred in Beijing this year, killing 13 people.

The lesson of blood after blood makes us have to focus on the charging safety of electric bicycles again.

Flash the video and review the scene ↓ the lesson is heavy.

The electric bicycle still goes upstairs.

The residential building of Xingfu Yiju community in Tongzhou District where the fire broke out on September 20 / the reporter photographed Ms.

Yi: “I don’t know the one on the fire.

We know the one on the fourth floor where there are no people.

Our children are generally old and play together.

There is also interaction between our parents.

They also have dogs and kittens…” Recalling the fire on the 20th, Ms.

Yi, a neighbor in building 6, Xingfu Yiju community, Tongzhou District, was heartbroken and couldn’t stop crying.


Yi: “the first moment I saw the fire, I called the police.

I called at 3:21 a.m.

and quickly told the children to dress, get up and run out.

The fire had not been extinguished at 4:32.” The electric bicycle parked in Hongshan Jiayuan building in Chaoyang District / the reporter photographed the painful lesson in front of us, which also failed to make everyone tighten the string of “no household charging”.

At 1:30 p.m.

on September 23, the reporter visited buildings 306 and 307, Hongshan home, Chaoyang District.

A total of 8 electric bicycles were found in the two corridors, of which 3 batteries were not in the car.

In this regard, community residents are also very helpless.

Resident: “this is very dangerous, absolutely dangerous.

As a neighbor, I advise others not to listen, and I don’t speak hard.” Resident: “people who push cars upstairs say they don’t like to listen.

If they are safety conscious, they don’t need to be told and won’t push upstairs.” The electric vehicle battery in Hongshan Jiayuan building is not in the car / the reporter photographed that the community property has posted a notice in almost every place where there is an electric vehicle in the corridor.

The earliest date is June 4 this year, but the residents still go their own way.

Residents turn a blind eye to the notice / the reporter photographed that the power of battery combustion and explosion is great.

At present, the materials such as battery diaphragm and electrolyte of lithium-ion battery commonly used in electric bicycles on the market are flammable or combustible materials, which are easy to be decomposed by heating, and the gas products produced are easy to burn.

Liu Wei, Deputy Secretary General of China Power Industry Association, said that the main cause of the lithium-ion battery fire was the battery heat out of control caused by damage, short circuit and overcharge.

Liu Wei: “generally, the battery will not be dangerous during normal use, but the lithium element itself is a very active metal element.

The higher the lithium content of the lithium battery, the worse its thermal stability.

The short circuit of the battery leads to the out of control heating of the battery itself, which is related to the instability of the management system in the battery module, the collision or overcharge of the battery“ “At the same time, when the battery burns, it will produce a large number of toxic gases, suffocating people.

These gases form high temperature and high pressure in the battery pack for a short time, which will make the battery swell, rupture and explode rapidly.” Yang Xinmiao, deputy director of the Transportation Research Institute of Tsinghua University, said that when the heat of the battery is out of control, the battery temperature rises rapidly to 400 to 1000 degrees Celsius, and then accidents such as fire and explosion occur, which is very powerful.

Yang Xinmiao: “the power of six batteries is like a grenade.

The batteries of two wheeled electric vehicles often have more than 100 small batteries, which is equivalent to the power of dozens of grenades.” Electric bicycle battery after indoor charging fire / from the network sun Jinhua, Professor of the State Key Laboratory of fire science, University of science and technology of China, said that once the lithium battery catches fire, it is very difficult to put out the fire.

Sun Jinhua: “once the battery is on fire, the fire we see is burning outside the battery, but the root of the fire is inside the battery.

There is a strong chemical reaction inside, ejecting a large amount of gas, and catching fire when encountering oxygen outside.” “even if the external fire is extinguished, the chemical reaction inside the battery continues, and it continues to release a large amount of heat.

We have done experiments.

When the battery is fully charged, even if you put out the open fire outside the battery, the battery temperature will not fall down, and it will rekindle after a period of time, or even repeat it three to four times.

” Lithium battery fire extinguishing is very difficult / the most difficult problem is the lack of network charging equipment.

At present, the fire building in Xingfu Yiju community in Tongzhou District, which caught fire on September 20, has been closed.

The reporter visited other buildings with the same structure in the community.

As the residential buildings are generally 20 years old, except for several high-rise buildings with elevators, other slab buildings have no elevators and the corridor is narrow.

Residents said that electric bicycles are difficult to get in and out, but no one can stop them from carrying batteries into the house to recharge.

Resident: “many cars are parked outside.

The battery has been taken away.

We don’t know whether it’s stolen or taken home to recharge.

It’s a hidden danger!” There are still electric bicycles / reporters shooting in the narrow corridor of Xingfu Yiju community.

After the tragedy, most residents dare not go upstairs to charge.

At present, “where to charge” is the most difficult.

However, there are only three groups of charging piles in the only car shed in the community, which can charge 24 cars, but most of them are blocked by sundries and non charging cars.

Only eight charging ports can be used every day.

Resident: “if you want to charge, you can’t get in.

The bicycles that don’t charge are full.” Resident: “one day I rode back by bike during the day.

At that time, except for the bad ones, everything else was charging.

I wanted to charge it during the day, but I didn’t.

when? At night..