Do you like coke after riding? You won’t drink after reading it!

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For many people, a bottle of coke gulps down after riding and then burps.

It feels “very cool”, but it doesn’t mean health.

In the eyes of sports nutrition experts, cola is the most important drink after sports.

If you don’t do it well, you will get “acidosis”.

People feel muscle and joint soreness and mental fatigue after exercise.

The main reason is that a large amount of sugar, fat and protein are decomposed in the body.

During the decomposition process, lactic acid, phosphoric acid and other acidic substances are produced, and the body is in an acidic state.

Coke contains carbon dioxide and phosphoric acid.

After drinking, the body acid is added with acid, and the pH in the body cannot be neutralized, so fatigue is not easy to expel.

If these acidic substances cannot be smoothly discharged from the body, they will accumulate in the body like toxins, increasing the burden on the kidneys and leading to acidosis.

Moreover, carbonated drinks will stimulate the gastric mucosa and make people feel less like eating.

If you drink coke before exercise, it may cause flatulence of stomach and intestines, which may lead to abdominal pain during exercise.

Therefore, experts suggest not to drink cola for at least half an hour before and after exercise.

It is recommended to drink sports drinks after outdoor sports.

Everyone is no stranger to sports drinks.

In recent years, many brands of sports drinks have appeared in supermarkets.

Of course, the ensuing controversy is also inevitable.

For example, some people think that sports drinks should not be drunk casually.

In this regard, the experts’ point of view is that although it is not recommended to drink sports drinks at ordinary times, drinking sports drinks after strenuous exercise is still helpful to health.

During strenuous exercise, the rate of water metabolism accelerates and a large amount of water is lost; At the same time, electrolyte metabolism is also accelerated, and a large number of electrolytes are lost with sweat.

If you do not pay attention to rehydration during exercise, it will lead to sports dehydration.

“Some people say that sports drinks dedicated to athletes are not suitable for ordinary people.

In fact, it is not so exaggerated.” professional sports drinks are indeed more targeted.

For ordinary people, popular sports drinks have been able to meet their physical needs.

Drinking sports drinks dedicated to athletes is a little useful.

It is understood that sports drinks generally contain sugar and electrolytes, and the components and contents of various nutrients can adapt to the physiological characteristics and special nutritional needs of athletes.

However, sports drinks are not suitable for everyone.

For people with high blood sugar or patients with diabetes, you should be very careful when drinking them.

In addition, people with high blood pressure, poor cardiac function or kidney function should not drink them in large quantities, so as not to increase the burden on the heart and kidney.

In addition to sports drinks, experts recommend drinking water containing minerals.

Because the lost sweat contains minerals such as sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, it is important to supplement minerals in time.

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I am healthy.

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