Did cycling change you? Or did you change your ride?

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Thank you for your support! Some people regard cycling as a hobby, some people regard cycling as a sport, some people regard cycling as a business, some people regard cycling as a career, some people regard cycling as a life, and some people regard cycling as all…

In fact, whether it’s a fake hobby, following the trend or wearing B, when you buy a bike and put on a cycling suit, you have a relationship with cycling! The emergence of a relationship means that they will have a mutual influence on each other.

According to the “interaction of forces” theory, there is a trade-off between you and riding.

So what kind of association attribute does this situation lead to between you? Riding group that conquered Sichuan Tibet line (riding changed you!): The essence of cycling is to let everyone participate and experience beauty together.

Riders participating in CCN sponsored cycling competitions (cycling has changed you!): Cycling evolved into a race, which explains his charm.

You can enjoy this charm by participating in the race! Morning routine cycling (cycling changes you): every morning, it’s not the alarm clock that wakes you up, but the cycling like spiritual opium! Cycling has not changed you, nor have you changed cycling (·······························································································! Riding with life (you changed riding): ordinary sports that use others to exercise, deduce with life! Always ask for something! (you changed your riding): others ride together; Walk alone and clean your heart! “Did you change cycling, or did cycling change you?” This may be a false proposition! However, cycling is becoming more and more integrated into our life and has an increasingly close relationship with us.

It is really a true fact!..