Detailed knowledge of bicycle chain oil

The chain is the most important part for the bicycle to rotate forward, and the chain constantly rubs with the toothed disc.

Therefore, it is very important to add the correct chain oil to increase the smoothness of its use.

The chain, flywheel and large plate of the bicycle are called the transmission system.

The chain rotates and the toothed plate drives the rear wheel forward.

Regular oiling can reduce the generation of abnormal sound, reduce the loss caused by friction and reduce the possibility of chain breaking.

Types of chain oil bicycle chains basically do not use engine oil, needle car oil, etc.

the main reason is that these oil products have limited lubrication effect on the chain and strong viscosity.

They are easy to stick with a lot of sediment and even splash everywhere, which is not a good choice for bicycles.

It is suggested that you can buy special chain oil for bicycles.

Now there are many kinds of oil products.

Basically, remember the dry and wet styles.

Photo source: Cao Yunhao dry chain oil is used in a dry environment.

Because it is dry, it is not easy to stick to sediment and is convenient for cleaning; The disadvantage is that it is easy to volatilize and needs to be oiled regularly.

Wet chain oil is used in humid environment, which is suitable for routes with ponding and rain.

Wet chain oil is relatively viscous and can adhere for a long time, which is suitable for long-distance travel; The disadvantage is that it is sticky, which makes it easy to stick to sediment and requires more careful maintenance.

The way of oil is generally divided into drip or spray, but the position of the oil is the same.

Fix the bicycle with a side stand, display stand or against the wall.

The pedal is turned back to drive the chain, and spray chain oil is sprayed onto the chain.

The oil dripping chain oil drops on each eye of the chain, and the pedal can also be used to rotate backward to evenly apply oil.

Use the transmission to change to each gear, so that each tooth has lubrication effect.

Photo source: Cao Yunhao note: note that the chain oil does not need too much, and try to avoid sticking the oil to the brake wheel frame or disc, which can reduce sediment adhesion and maintain brake safety.

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